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Parking near Hotel W Barcelona

The Hotel W Barcelona, ​​also known as Hotel Vela, is one of the most signature and striking hotel establishments in Barcelona. It is located in the Paseo Marítimo of Barcelona and has all kinds of luxury services.

Parking near the Hotel W Barcelona is very important if you have decided to stay at this luxurious five-star hotel in the city. In this area, tourism is constant, so free parking and parking on the street is limited. In addition, the best way to keep your car safe is to opt for a secure car park near the hotel.

With this, Parclick can help you. If you enter the Parclick online application, you can book long-stay or hourly parking near the Hotel W Barcelona. To do this, you should filter your search by dates and the area where you need to find cheap parking. Following this, you will see a complete map with the best car parks in Barcelona.

The reservation process with Parclick is done completely online and in a very simple way. So you can park your car in a car park near your accommodation without losing too much time. Go to the Parclick website now and check out the available offers for your stay in Barcelona.

Parking near the Hotel W Barcelona

The famous Hotel Vela in Barcelona

The Hotel W Barcelona is known as Hotel Vela for its striking architecture. This hotel establishment is located on Barcelona's Paseo Marítimo, on the famous Plaça Rosa dels Vents in Barcelona. The nearest metro stop is just over a kilometre and a half away.

The hotel has luxury services ideal for enjoying Barcelona with total comfort. Among its three restaurants, they have gourmet options managed by Michelin-starred chefs. In addition, on the terrace of the hotel you can visit the luxurious bar.

One of the main characteristics of the Hotel W Barcelona is its prestigious location. The rooms have fantastic views of the Mediterranean Sea, which offers the feeling of being on a boat to its guests.

In the area where this hotel is located you can expect ideal leisure and culture alternatives. In addition to being located very close to the symbolic Ciutat Vella, Passeig del Born and Las Ramblas, the hotel is within walking distance of Port Vell. Here, it is possible to visit large shopping centres, as well as very famous places of leisure and restaurants.

If you are going to stay at the Hotel W Barcelona you can book parking with Parclick, near the Hotel Vela. Just like that you will enjoy a stay in Barcelona with no worries.

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