Parking near The Corner Hotel in Barcelona

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Parking near The Corner Hotel in Barcelona in Parclick

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Parking near The Corner Hotel in Barcelona

The Corner Hotel in Barcelona is located in the Eixample district, this hotel allows you to take full advantage of staying in the heart of Barcelona.

If you´re new to Barcelona, it would be wise to give you some advice on the Eixample district, especially if you´re thinking about bringing a car. The parking situation isn´t so easy. Parking is divided mainly into two zones – the blue zone and the green zone. The blue zone allows you to park for a maximum of 4 hours and you must pay the corresponding ticket. On the other hand, the green zone is intended for residents.

You shouldn´t worry, not when Parclick are here to help you park in Barcelona! With Parclick, book your parking space before you have even arrived! We give you a range of options, varying from long-stay parking to hourly parking.

Parking near The Corner Hotel in Barcelona

A hotel in the heart of the city

They don´t say this hotel is in the heart of the city for nothing…you literally have all you need as a tourist within walking distance.

Let´s see. So approximately 800 metres away you will find the Casa Batllo – one of Gaudi´s greatest pieces. Then, find La Pedrera just a 10-minute walk away, in case you didn´t know this is just another one of Gaudi´s greatest works of art that you have the pleasure of feasting your eyes on. Lucky you! Keep on wondering around the area and you´ll come across the Plaça Catalunya, the Tivoli Theatre and the Portal de l´Angel. You´re basically spoilt for choice!

In case you are worried about having any annoying language barriers at the hotel, the staff at The Corner Hotel in Barcelona speak English, French and Spanish…now we´re guessing that if you´re reading this then you´ll have no problem communicating in English!

What else is there to do? Book your parking lot with Parclick in advance! Forget your worries and park before you arrive!

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