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Where to park in Museum of America

To visit the Museum of America in Madrid you have to go to the Ciudad Universitaria (University City) of the Spanish capital. This famous national museum is on the Avenida de los Reyes Católicos (Avenue of the Catholic Kings).

A touristic and cultural route through Madrid is a fabulous idea. There are so many museums to see in Madrid. In the University City, without going any further, there are numerous buildings destined to house large cultural collections. The Museum of America is one of them. In its facilities you will have the opportunity to explore different archaeological, artistic and ethnographic collections.

Obviously, to properly enjoy a visit to the Museum of America in Madrid it is important that you have the peace of mind knowing your car is well parked and you have enough time to admire all the work exhibited in the building. We all know that parking in Madrid is very complicated, due to the heavy traffic and the immense vehicle fleet in the capital. But, to avoid these problems use the online Parclick application.

If you are going to plan a visit to this cultural centre go to the Parclick page and make your parking reservation near the Museum of America in advance. You can choose one of the low cost parking lots we have in the area and be sure that your car will be guarded and without risk of being fined during your cultural visit.

The Museum of America in Madrid

Located in Ciudad Universitaria

The Museum of America in Madrid shares the nature of a national museum. This means that its management is the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Inside, it houses more than 25,000 works of art of all kinds, from the Paleolithic era to the present time.

This Madrid museum was created in 1941 to gather the collections of American art, ethnography and archaeology. To date there is no other museum that has all those pieces in the same space.

Visiting the Museum of America is a wonderful way to get cultural. For this you can book parking with Parclick through the internet and plan a unique visit.

Points of interest near Museum of America in Madrid

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