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At Parclick, we know there are very few places better than the Sala Muntaner for going to the theatre. If you’re curious to know why, then continue reading! Since 1996, the Sala Muntaner has been committed to becoming a renewed and alternative theatre.

If you are one of those who is not satisfied with the big premieres and would like to dig deeper into the author's theatre, the Muntaner is the ideal place to catch up.

We know that parking in Barcelona can be torture, but we are here to solve it. However, at Parclick, we want you to go in total comfort and drive there with your own car… So relax and do not despair just yet.

The fact that most of the theatres are in the heart of Barcelona does not mean that you cannot park your car near the Sala Muntaner. At Parclick we have a lot of car parks in Barcelona, which will help you to avoid public transport and be next to the theatre without wasting a minute of your time. Honestly, who likes to be late for an event?

Sala Muntaner

An innovative theatre of the Ciutat Vella district

The Sala Muntaner is a theatre very close to Barcelona's Gran Vía and the famous Plaza de Cataluña and has been running since 1996. If we had to define it in three words, we would say that the Muntaner is modern, small and welcoming. Those three words generally sum up the spectator’s description.

The Sala Muntaner is a reduced and refurbished theatre, designed to give an intimate view of the theatre to its spectators. With less than 150 seats, the Muntaner is a comfortable and cosy space where you can enjoy a good play. The theatre has two possible time slots: in the first, plays are displayed by foreign companies and actors with new proposals and alternative theatre. The second is devoted more to pure entertainment. In short, Muntaner's intention is to bring theatre to a wide audience with a very engaging, progressive and modern theatrical vision.

As we imagine that you are already thinking of going to see a play at the Muntaner, we can do nothing but recommend that you park in the Ciutat Vella area. Let's be honest, rushing to the theatre is not a good idea, especially if you have to rely on public transport to get there. Save yourself from being late to the show and look for car park near the Sala Muntaner in our directory of guarded car parks in Barcelona ;)

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