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Théâtre des Béliers parisiens

Car parks near Théâtre des Béliers parisiens

The Théâtre des Béliers parisiens (Béliers means Aries) is a theatre in the north of Paris, more specifically in the 18th arrondissement. It is not easy to find a parking spot in the surrounding area. Here is why we advise you to reserve a parking space near the Béliers parisiens, if you ever wish to attend a show in this theatre located in rue Sainte-Isaure:

  • This theatre is located near many cafes and restaurants; even worse, it is in front of the Sainte-Isaure synagogue and close to the Notre-Dame de Clignancourt church, so many people will look to park here;
  • Many streets are one way between rue Ordener and rue Championnet: it is easy to get lost and, if you do not find a space, you will have to go around the neighbourhood several times;
  • Parking in the street is limited to two hours in Paris; after this time, you run the risk of receiving a fine and, if it is not your day, your vehicle can even go to the impound.

The best thing is to leave your car in a parking lot near the Béliers parisiens. But where to find parking? Do not panic, Parclick offers several car parks in the neighbourhood of Clignancourt. Thanks to Parclick, you will be able to compare our Paris car parks near the theatre of the Béliers parisiens, and reserve a place in the one that suits you best.

Théâtre des Béliers parisiens

Between the Sainte-Isaure synagogue and the Notre-Dame de Clignancourt church

The Béliers parisiens is located on rue Saint-Isaure; this Parisien theatre is only accessible from rue Ordener, since it is one way.

It was in 2012 that the theatre was opened as we know it today. Its name was chosen because of the astrological sign: indeed, Aries are supposed to be more creative, and even generous! In fact, at the Béliers parisiens, you can discover more or less free adaptations of classics like Molière, or contemporary plays such as Le Porteur d’Histoire which was awarded at the Molières 2014.

This Parisien theatre is located near several busy streets, such as the boulevard Ornano, rue Ordoner and rue Championnet. The proximity of several religious buildings such as the Sainte-Isaure synagogue and the Notre-Dame de Clignancourt church can be a problem if you are looking to park in the street. For this reason, it is preferable to reserve a place in a car park near the Béliers parisiens in order to have a cheap and guaranteed parking space in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

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