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Reserve a parking space near Gare de Nice-Ville

If you are planning to take the train from Gare de Nice-Ville, we recommend that you book a parking space in advance. Indeed, this station - the main one in the city - is located right in the centre of Nice.

However, parking in the city of Nice is not simple: most of the streets are subject to paying parking. This system benefits residents who have reduced fares on certain streets, under certain conditions. The traffic is often heavy which creates a real scarcity of parking, while free parking is non-existent. So, it is practically impossible to find yourself a parking space near Gare de Nice.

Do not waste any time looking for a place in the surrounding area. If you want to be sure to arrive at the station on time, or if you want to see a bit of the city, the best option is to book a parking space with Parclick so as to avoid leaving it until the last minute.

We suggest two car parks near the station:

  • Gare de Nice - Thiers is the closest to the station, literally just in front of it, so is an ideal place to leave your car before taking the train.
  • Nicetoile is very close to the Jean Médecin tram station (line T1) and the city centre.


Gare de Nice-Ville


The city’s primary train station


Gare de Nice-Ville is one of Nice’s five train stations: the others are Nice-Saint-Roch, Nice-Saint-Augustin, Nice-CP and Nice-Riquier. It is the most important in terms of how many people it processes; 8 million passengers per year. Using the TGV it is possible to take direct routes to cities such as Lyon, Paris and even Lille. Additionally, Gare de Nice offers a number of international trains. They mainly go to Italy (Turin, Genoa, Milan) but also to Geneva, Brussels and Moscow, as well as a few other European capitals.

The station is located in the city centre of Nice, a quarter of an hour from the beach. In the immediate vicinity you can also find several religious monuments, such as the Basilique de l’Assomption or the Cathédrale Orthodoxe Saint-Nicolas. If you are interested in art, you can also take a look at the Marc Chagall National Museum and its lithographs, engravings, sculptures and other works of art.

Vieux-Nice is a bit further away, but if you like to walk, you should go and have a little explore; it's less than half an hour away and definitely worth the trip. Its narrow streets, leading up to the hillside area, provide some particularly stunning views. So, Gare de Nice-Ville is well located and allows you to walk around discovering the treasures of this beautiful city.

Don’t wait any longer and reserve your parking space in Nice with Parclick: you will save precious time, which you can put to much better use discovering the intricacies of the city, rather than driving around looking for a parking space!

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