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Car parks near Hotel Primero Primera

12 Car parks found
  • BSM Ferrán Casablancas
    1. Closer

    BSM Ferrán Casablancas

    5 min (279m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • NN Bonanova

    NN Bonanova

    5 min (320m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • NN Geigle

    NN Geigle

    6 min (343m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • Doctor Roig i Raventós
    1. Cheaper

    Doctor Roig i Raventós

    6 min (371m)
    Price for 1 hour
  • BSM Cardenal Sentmenat-Vergós

    BSM Cardenal Sentmenat-Vergós

    8 min (489m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • BSM Porta Sarrià

    BSM Porta Sarrià

    10 min (594m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • Clínica Corachan PARKIA

    Clínica Corachan PARKIA

    13 min (750m)
    ContactlessContactless access
    Price for 1 minute
  • BSM Bonanova

    BSM Bonanova

    13 min (755m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • NN Hercegovina

    NN Hercegovina

    13 min (790m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • NN Vía Augusta

    NN Vía Augusta

    14 min (813m)
    ContactlessContactless access
    Price for 5 hours
  • BSM Cotxeres de Sarrià

    BSM Cotxeres de Sarrià

    15 min (898m)
    Price for 6 hours
  • Promoparc - Muntaner - Tavern

    Promoparc - Muntaner - Tavern

    16 min (962m)
    Price for 1 day
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Where to park in Hotel Primero Primera

For those who enjoy easy access to a bustling city but prefer to stay further away from the action, the Hotel Primero Primera is the perfect place for you in Barcelona. Still located in a great area of the city, the establishment is more geared towards travelers who wish to experience Barcelona as a local. There are many places and activities to experience in the Sarriá district and you won’t need to worry about being bored in this beautifully designed, contemporary building.

Parking near Hotel Primero Primera is a good idea to truly feel like a Barcelona native. When you leave your car in a monitored car park for the entire duration of your trip, you can enjoy walking around the neighborhood, taking in the monuments, culture and city. Since the hotel is only 5 minutes from the Les Tres Torres FGC Station, you can easily go to any place of interest in Barcelona with public transportation.

Save yourself the headache of trying to find a place to park on the narrow streets in Barcelona. Instead, go to the Parclick website and reserve a parking space from the many options available in the online directory of cheap car parks in Barcelona. Here, you can choose what works best for you: location, duration and price. To start your vacation like a Barcelona local, do as they do – leave your car in a monitored car park in Barcelona.

Contemporary rooms and lush gardens

It is great to spend a day in the hustling city of Barcelona, visiting the famous tourist attractions like the Sagrada Familia, Reial Plaza and Camp Nou Stadium. However, after a day of being surrounded on all sides by other people, it is so relaxing to go back to the Hotel Primero Primera.

This boutique hotel is known for the large, contemporary rooms and lush gardens. You can feel like you live in Barcelona due to the luxurious facilities and the delicious buffet breakfast. You can even check out the hotel library to find a great read to match the atmosphere of your tranquil trip.

However you decide to spend your days in the sunny Catalonian capital, make sure to not worry about your car. Avoid the stress of fighting traffic just to find parking, and reserve a parking space online beforehand with Parclick. You will know exactly where to go and you won´t have any problems parking when you arrive. Simply go on the Parclick website and enter your date, time, location and price preferences. Parclick makes parking in Barcelona easy so you can have an amazing time exploring the city. 

Hotel Primero Primera