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The Santa María of the Macarena Hope Basilica of Seville, popularly known as the Macarena Basilica, is located in one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the center of the Sevillan capital.

Parking near the Macarena Basilica in Seville is extremely important if you are trying to get to know the area or to visit one of the most characteristic Catholic temples of the Sevillan Holy Week. Due to its proximity to the historic center of the city, the public parking situation is very complicated. In this zone, there are many narrow pedestrian streets. Because of this, a good solution to park is to reserve a parking space with Parclick.

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The Macarena Basilica in Seville

An example of the Sevillan Holy Week

The Macarena Basilica of Seville is located on Calle Bécquer, in the well-known Macarena neighborhood. The north zone of this area borders the historic Sevillan old town, the largest historic center in all of Spain.

The Basilica is a Catholic temple, built between 1941 and 1949, that functions as the headquarters of the Sisterhood of the Macarena Hope. This sisterhood is one of the examples of the Holy Week in Seville, due to its station of penitence which takes place on the sunrise of Holy Friday.

In 2009, the basilica was completely opened as a three-floor museum. This space offers a full vision of the iconic Holy Week in the city.

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Points of interest near Macarena Basilica in Seville

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