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    Goldbacher Strasse

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Goldbacher Strasse

Goldbacher Straße,
About the car park
Print the voucher and leave it clearly on the dashboard before you park. Need to park near the Aschaffenburg train station soon? Planning on just turning up, parking and catching your train with ease? Well, that’s not always the case! But how can you be secure, knowing that when you turn up there will be somewhere for you? By booking your space at the Parkplatz Goldbacher Strasse car park of course! Now, this open air car park is not just close to the train station, which is perfect if you want to get to Frankfurt or wherever you’re off to nice and easily. But there’s more, this car park is also close to the beautiful Fasernarie park, as well as the fantastic Schöntal park. These are just the best places to take a stroll and unwind, after, well, having an easy time parking your car - who says you can’t relax too much?! So take advantage of its great rates, with prices starting from just 1 euro! So whether your stay is just a couple of hours or up to 30 days - it’s great value! Plus, have the peace of mind knowing that you’re not going to miss your train because you couldn’t find anywhere to park! Book now!Read less
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Open 24 hours a day
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Print your Parclick reservation.
1) Park in any free space.
2) Leave the voucher clearly on the dashboard when you've parked.

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Goldbacher Straße

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Nicht überwachter, ungeteerter Parkplatz.

war skeptisch, aber alles prima