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FLYPARK - Valet - Aeropuerto de Bilbao

Errotāzārre Kalea, 30, 48160. Derio, España.
About the car park
Are you looking for a car park at Bilbao airport? Flypark Valet is perfect! It's the perfect car park to go to the airport, you'll be ready to take your next flight in 8 minutes. Parking in Bilbao has never been so easy. Located in the Gastañaga Auzoa area, next to others like San Cristóbal Auzoa on the road to Mungia in the Astikene Industrial Estate in Calle Errotazarre. Next to this low-cost car park, you will find numerous shops such as the Agrojardin Astikene, including car rentals such as Drivalia Car Rental - Bilbao Airport, Record Go rent a car - Bilbao Airport, Ok RentAcar Talur Luxury Cars. There are also other companies such as Transporte international suso, Interclym S.A., Gruas iratxe S.L., Lexce, Lexce Industries, umbrella Jani Markel, Baskolan, Relasa, Carnicas Capre, Lastetxe Group, S.L., Grupo Lodinorte, Endsl or Trebil. In the area, you can stop for lunch at the Urbe restaurant or in the cafeteria the cider house and rest in the nearest hotels such as the Hotel New Bilbao Airport or the Holiday Inn Express Bilbao. There is also a service station called USOA and other shops such as Dachser Spain or DHL Parcel. If you don't mind taking the car and driving a few more minutes, you can go to another area where you will find other car rental shops such as Europcar, Hertz or the National Car rental in the Gaztañaga neighbourhood. To stop for lunch you can also look at Santa Gloria or MasQMenos. Burger king or the starbucks are also other establishments you will find next to these. Near the airport, you will find a very busy area called Txona Auzoa, which you can reach by the Bilbao-Mungia highway. There you will be able to enjoy outdoor spaces thanks to the Derio sports centre or the San Estebez Park. Practicing sports is part of the leisure activities in the area, such as visiting the Celles Golf School, Derio Golf Course or Derio Paddle Tennis Club. You can also relax in hotels such as the Seminario Bilbao hotel or the Arriortua rural house. Eat in restaurants such as the Zirikada Restaurant, the Tik Tak or the Baserri Antzokia. You will also find other companies such as Centro empresarial INBISA Derio, brammer, Semantic Systems, Puertas Lorenzo, Planta Zamudio-Rotobasque, Indie Campers Bilbao or Murprotec EUSKADI, all located within the Ugaldeguren industrial estate. FLYPARK Valet Bilbao Airport, your best option for parking at Bilbao airport.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 05:30 - 23:30
Check-in hours
monday to sunday 07:30 - 21:30

Vehicle pick-up service from the airport

How to get there?
How to enter?
Before your journey

Call the car park approximately 10 minutes before arriving at the airport. The phone number of the car park will be given once the booking is made.

During the call, someone will confirm the meeting point for you.

After your journey

Call the car park to request the return of your car. The phone number of the car park will be given once you've made your booking.

During the call, someone will confirm the meeting point for you.

Contact the parking facilities at the same phone number after picking up your bags. You'll be picked up in the Departures area.

Additional information

This car park has the following safety measures for COVID-19: - Mandatory use of mask and hydroalcoholic gel - Staff with masks and gloves

Extra services (not included in the price)

Car wash service: 25€

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