Park & Fly - Aeroporto de Faro

Car park in Estrada Nacional N125, 514 - 8005. Faro, Portugal

Park & Fly - Aeroporto de Faro
24h service You must leave your keys Guarded car park
Free cancellation Flexible entry


Park & Fly - Aeroporto de Faro

Car park in Faro, located only 8 minutes from the Faro Airport. The low cost Park & Fly car park is the perfect option if you need to park near the Faro Airport because you plan to catch a flight from this city. The Park & Fly car park offers a free shuttle service to the Faro Airport, which makes it very convenient if you’re traveling to Faro and don’t know where to park at the Faro Airport. The Park & Fly car park is outdoor and enclosed, and provides constant video surveillance, so you’ll avoid worrying about the state of your car while you’re traveling.

Parking at the Faro Airport has never been easier at the low cost Park & Fly car park, where you can leave your car at any time of day, since this car park has 24-hour, year-round operating hours. So don’t wait any longer and book your parking spot at the Faro Airport with the Park & Fly car park, so you make the most of your trip, knowing your car will be in good hands at these facilities.

Take advantage of the free shuttle service that the Park & Fly car park offers, which will take you to the same terminal where your flight leaves, so you don’t waste any time. Also, upon your return, the shuttle will pick you up and take you to the Park & Fly car park, where your car will be waiting for you. Make the most of your stay in Faro and park near the Faro Airport at the most affordable price and with unbeatable services.

  • Available for terminals: T1

  • Time to terminal: 10 min to T1

Car park entrance

  • N125 514

How to redeem your reservation

Transfer schedule

1. From 00:00 to 23:59: 20 minutes.

How to get there?

Coordinates: 37.056188213716, -7.9587153044301.

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At the start of your trip

Please arrive at the car park with time to spare. Keep in mind that the check-in process will verify your reservation and then you will catch the shuttle to the airport, which will take about 5 minutes

Upon arrival, your car will be inspected.

Park your car and come to the customer service office to confirm your reservation..

Location of the customer service booth: At the car park entrance.

Upon returning from your trip

After collecting your bags, call the car park to request a pick-up. During this call, a staff member will confirm your meeting point at the airport terminal. The phone number of the car park will be given once you've make a booking.

When you return from your trip, you must go to the customer service booth for instructions.

Location of the customer service booth: At the car park entrance.

Additional information

You may pay with a bank card for purchases greater than 20 €. Upon your arrival at the car park, you'll receive a map of the airport to know where the shuttle pick-up points are located. The free airport shuttle may take up to 8 people.

Car park hours

Available 24 hours a day

Price packs


1 day

One entry only


2 days

One entry only


3 days

One entry only


4 days

One entry only


5 days

One entry only


6 days

One entry only


7 days

One entry only


8 days

One entry only


9 days

One entry only


10 days

One entry only


11 days

One entry only


12 days

One entry only


13 days

One entry only


14 days

One entry only


15 days

One entry only


16 days

One entry only


17 days

One entry only


18 days

One entry only


19 days

One entry only


20 days

One entry only


21 days

One entry only


22 days

One entry only


23 days

One entry only


24 days

One entry only


25 days

One entry only


26 days

One entry only


27 days

One entry only


28 days

One entry only


29 days

One entry only


30 days

One entry only