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Where to park in Metz

Visit Metz, uncover its history and heritage.

Come to discover the secrets of Metz with the family? To endure a smooth running weekend, so you don’t miss any of this beautiful city, here is a summary of our recommendations for places to visit and where is good to park at a low price!


Discover Metz

Metz stands at the crossroads of two major axes crossing Europe, joining the North Sea to the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe to the Atlantic via Vienna, Munich and Paris.

Being positioned like this, in the heart of Europe, Metz has been forged by more than 3000 years of history, the evidence of which is obvious today in its rich heritage.

Over the centuries, each period has left its mark, adding a different aspect to the city’s architecture. There are plenty of sites you are not going to want to miss, so come and have a good look around!


What to see

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe, and he’s a big boy too, one of the largest of his kind.

It is not only remarkable for its size, but also for the 6500 m² of stained-glass windows that it contains, lending it the nickname "Lanterne du Bon Dieu" (Lantern of the Good Lord). Made by the some of the greatest artists (including Marc Chagall) from the 13th to the 20th century, these stained glass windows are a true encyclopaedia of glass.

If you wish to visit Saint-Etienne Cathedral, we advise parking at the Théâtre Comédie, just a 2-minute walk away.


Place Saint-Louis

If you are looking for a nice place to have a drink or a bite to eat in Metz, having had a good look around the city centre, Place Saint-Louis is a great spot.

This unusual square, in the Sienese style, is particularly striking. Its magnificent arcades plunge the tourists into a warm, southern atmosphere.

If you want to go to the Place Saint-Louis in Metz, we advise you to park a short distance away and then walk gently into the centre.

This is why we particularly recommend Théâtre Comédie and République car parks.

From Théâtre Comédie you will pass Saint-Etienne Cathedral, while République will take you along L’Arsenal. In both cases, you will be at Place Saint-Louis in 10 minutes.


Saint-Pierre-aux Nonnains

Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains church is one of the Metz’s oldest monuments.

Built in the 4th century, it has lived through more than 2000 years of history and has experienced many different personality changes. Having served civil, religious and military purposes, Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains is now a major site for cultural events in the Metz countryside.

If you would like to visit an exhibition in Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains or attend a concert in this striking setting, we advise parking your car at République, a cheap car park right next door.



Completed in 1864, under Napoleon III, the former military arsenal was completely restored and transformed into an auditorium by the architect Ricardo Bofill. L’Arsenal is today one of the most sought after places in Metz and since its inauguration in 1989, it has been a space for the expression and exchange of many different cultures.

If you go to L’Arsenal to see a concert, an exhibition or attend a conference, know that République car park is at your disposal! It is less than 200 metres from L’Arsenal and offers discounted rates on any reservation made with Parclick.


Gare de Metz and the Quartier Impérial

Metz station and the Imperial Quarter are what remains of Metz’s German era. They are the result of William II’s drive to modernise (but also ‘Germanise’) Metz at the beginning of the 20th century.

Built in a Neo-Roman Rhine style and completed in 1908, Gare de Metz is a 300-metre-long, stunner of a building, where the Emperor used to have his apartments, reception pavilion, reception halls, galleries and service areas.

Today Metz station isn’t just for the travellers of the world, if you like you can have a little cultural experience by seeing one of the exhibitions they now have on show there.

If you need to park next to the station, we can offer you quite a few low-cost options nearby.

Gare Charles de Gaulle and Gare Centre Pompidou car parks are ideal for anyone who wants to have a look at Metz’s German architecture, but also for any locals who need to park their car somewhere safe, next to Gare de Metz, while they leave the city for a bit of a break. If you book on Parclick you’ll get a cheeky discount on your parking, so don’t think, just book it!


Musée de la Cour d’Or

The Musée de la Cour d’Or owes its name to the Palace where the Kings of Austrasia used to live which once stood in the city. There are some stunning pieces in their Gallo-Roman archaeological collection which make it one of the most important museums in France. One of the highlights has to be the ancient thermal baths that have been preserved in situ.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering where to leave your car during your visit to, the Comedie Théâtre car park is only a 5-minute walk away!


Centre Pompidou-Metz

The Centre Pompidou-Metz is a real masterpiece of contemporary architecture. It is the little sister of the Centre Pompidou in Paris and promotes the best of modern and contemporary art by putting on a load of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

If you are an art fan being drawn towards one of these shows, know that you can book your parking space on Parclick! We think Gare Centre Pompidou is a good, cheap car park and it’s right next to the Centre Pompidou.


L’Avenue Foch

Avenue Foch is a catwalk for the amazingly diverse architecture in Metz and is a great place to have a wander.

Built on the ramparts of the old town between 1903 and 1914, you will see an interesting mix of villas with small gardens, an old bridle path and some old commercial buildings.

Near Metz station, Avenue Foch is especially easy to get to if you park at Gare Charles de Gaulle car park and by no means difficult if you choose to use Gare Centre Pompidou or République car parks instead.


How to get around Metz

In Metz, it’s best to stay on your feet!

Metz is beautiful, but it is not very big. The best way to get around is definitely on foot!

So, to really make the most of Metz and its treasures, we recommend you leave your car safely locked up in a cheap car park downtown. Now you’re no longer tied down you can go for a walk through the streets and explore the city at your own pace!


Cycling in Metz

Don’t fancy walking? Get on your bike!

The centre of Metz is pedestrianised but is still totally open to cyclists and bike rides along the banks of the Moselle are particularly lovely.

Vélomet is a bike rental service with very low prices (from €2 per half day), it would be a shame to miss out!

Forget about parking restrictions and glide around on your bike. All you have to do is leave your car at the Théâtre Comédie, République, Gare Charles de Gaulle and Gare Centre Pompidou car parks, and rent a bike next to the Cathedral, in Place de la République or at Gare de Metz.


Where to go out in Metz

As we said, Metz is not big, but (there’s another but) it is busy.

If you’re not sure what to do in Metz, Parclick has plenty of ideas and cheap car parks to offer!

A good place to start is the Stade Saint-Symphorien, where you could either watch FC Metz play or, if football’s not your thing, you can rock out to a concert instead.

The stadium has been home to FC Metz since the creation of the club in 1932. It can fit a crowd of 25,636, has 19 refreshment stands, a restaurant and 4 reserved car parks.

It regularly hosts major concerts, such as those of Johnny Hallyday, a legendary French singer, to the delight of the the locals.

As FC Metz still attracts a lot of motorists, we strongly advise you to reserve your parking space next to the stadium in advance. République wouldn’t be a bad call! It is nice and cheap and just a 15-minute walk from Stade Saint-Symphorien. It is about as close to stadium you will get before the traffic stops you in your tracks!


Concert halls and shows in Metz

Les Arènes de Metz

The Arènes de Metz are part of a multi-purpose complex, in the new Amphithéâtre district, right next to the Parc de la Seille and 50 metres from the Centre Pompidou-Metz.

The hall can fit an audience of 4,100 and offers something for everyone, including many concerts, sporting events and shows for the whole family. If you’re going to a concert or a show at the Arènes de Metz, Parclick humbly suggests that you book your parking in advance. Would be a shame to miss the start because the closest car parks are full up!

If you choose Gare Centre Pompidou car park, you’ll only be 5 minutes away. So get on it!



L’Arsenal used to have an exclusively classical line-up but nowadays has opened up to more genres, such as jazz and electro.

With more than 1,300 seats and excellent acoustics, L’Arsenal is one of the largest concert halls in Metz.

As part of the L’Arsenal package, there is also a gallery, regularly hosting temporary exhibitions, a boutique museum and a restaurant.

If you are going to L’Arsenal, for a concert or an exhibition, don’t forget that République car park is at your disposal, is just 2 minutes from the venue and offers discounts for all bookings made on our website!


Les Trinitaires

Les Trinitaires is a former convent, right in the city centre of Metz and a stone's throw from the Cathedral, which has now been converted into a concert hall. It is made up of 3 rooms that can fit audiences from 96 to 350.

Les Trinitaires promote all the latest music in Moselle and so they have a fairly mixed programme with hip-hop, electro, rock, pop and metal concerts all featuring.

If you are attending a concert in Les Trinitaires, the Théâtre Comédie car park is less than 10 minutes from the venue. Why not take advantage of their great prices?


Metz’s major events!

Foire de Carnaval

At the beginning of February, Place de la République undergoes a huge transformation and is drenched in colour for Carnival.

Every year the streets of Metz are filled with people, young and old, in masks and costumes, munching on doughnuts and enjoying the rides!

Around fifty carnival operators pack their bags until mid-March, putting on a show which is popular with both the locals and the tourists.

If you’re just going to be in Metz for a weekend during Carnival, have a look at République car park. It seconds away from Place de la République and all the action!


Festival HOP HOP HOP

Every year, in July, the Metz welcomes Hop Hop Hop, the international open-air show.

It is a completely free comedy festival with dozens of shows being performed of every type and at every corner, attracting more than 10,000 spectators each year.

If you are a street art fan and would like to attend the Hop Hop Hop festival, we’d really recommend booking a parking space in advance!

The Gare Charles de Gaulle, Théâtre Comédie and République car parks are perfect for unloading your car so you can head off to catch one of the spectacular shows dotted around the city centre. They all offer discounts if you book in advance so, grab a spot while stocks last!


Metz Plage

Each summer, Metz Plage invites you to relax at the Plan d'Eau de Metz.

Every year, Metz Plage transforms this verdant area into a seaside paradise: sandy beaches, a beach volleyball court, an adventure course, two supervised paddling pools and a packed schedule of cultural, sporting and educational activities.

On Friday nights, some of the local bands come to show off their talent at a series of free concerts called "Metz Plage Live".

If you want to get a taste of this summer party, you can park your car at République car park and join the fray at the Plan d'Eau in just a few minutes.


Fêtes de la Mirabelle

Each year, the Mirabelle Festival welcomes more than 80,000 visitors. A great way to close out the summer, the Mirabelle Festival offers a dance filled programme from the end of August through to the beginning of September, overflowing with colours and emotions.

A few of the top picks of things to see are the election of the Mirabelle Queen, the Mirabelle parade and the fireworks, concerts and local markets, with plenty of other things on the roster.

If the Fêtes de la Mirabelles sounds like it’s up your street, we strongly advise booking parking in advance. Bag yourself a spot in the centre of Metz and continue on foot.

Théâtre Comédie, République, Gare Charles de Gaulle and the Centre Pompidou station car parks are all waiting to hear from you ;)

They all offer discounts for booking online, which is pretty handy don’t you think?


Les Marchés de Noël de Metz

Starting in the third week of November, little enchanted wooden chalets spring up in the squares of Metz to form the famous Christmas Markets.

Tickle your senses with all the classic sights, sounds and smells associated with the festive period. Decorations and delicacies of all kinds in the magical and unique atmosphere of Christmas.

Also on show are the ice sculptures in the Place de la République, which are so realistic they will send a chill down your spine! If you’re feeling brave you can face the cold and hop on the Ferris wheel to catch a breathtaking view of Metz from the Place d'Armes.

If you’re going to come along, we advise you leave your car in the city centre and wonder from place to place. The Comédie, République, Charles de Gaulle and Gare Center Pompidou car parks are at your disposal.

By booking with Parclick in advance you are guaranteed to save yourself some money, which can be much better spent on some Christmas indulgences!

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