Garage Scarpato - Car Valet - Aeroporto di Napoli

Car park in Aeroporto Capodichino, Napoli - 80144. Naples, Italy

Garage Scarpato - Car Valet - Aeroporto di Napoli
24h service You must leave your keys Covered car park Guarded car park


Garage Scarpato - Car Valet - Aeroporto di Napoli

If you've ever had to catch a flight from Naples Airport then you will have realised that parking near it isn't an easy task. Now, there is an easy way to do it, and it goes by the name of the Garage Scarpato's valet service. They will pick your car up and drop it off. So, it will be Garage Scarpato staff member who will be taking care of taking your vehicle to the parking, while you catch your flight without wasting a second of your time.
On the day of your trip, just drive to the airport, and the staff will be waiting for you at the roundabout where the municipal police station is located. They will pick up your car and take you to a secure, guarded and covered car park. So you can get to the terminal without having to worry about your car! Your car will be returned to you at the same place on the day of your return.

The Garage Scarpato is open 24 hours and the staff will always be happy to help. Just remember to call about 15 minutes before arriving at the meeting point on the day of the trip. The same you will have to do to the return, after having collected the suitcases of course! :)

  • Available for terminals: T1

  • Valet pick-up at the airport

Car park entrance

  • Viale Fulco Ruffo di Calabria 10

Car park hours

Available 24 hours a day