Nürnberg Ostbahnhof, Norimberga, Germania
About the car park
Print the voucher and leave it clearly on the dashboard before you park. Got a train to catch from Nuremberg East train station? So we assume you’ve not just sorted yourself out, leaving your poor old (or new) car to be parked in any space, without any thought. Now you’re thinking about it! But what can you do, well we have the solution…Park at the Ostbahnhof Parkplatz car park, which in’t a surprising name if you’ve been brushing up on your German. Oh the Germans, practical as ever! This car park is open air and offers some great tariffs, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re picking someone up, or going off for up to 30 days, this is the perfect place to park. Ostbahnhof Parkplatz car park’s prices start from an incredible 30 cense an hour! Get your trip off to a great start and park your car here, all thanks to Parclick!Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
How to enter?

Print your Parclick reservation.
1) Park in any free space.
2) Leave the voucher clearly on the dashboard when you've parked.

Car park entrance

Am Ostbahnhof

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Parking situé près d'une casse automobile. Il n'y a pas d'accueil et il y a un parcmètre. Nous n'aurions jamais osé laisser le véhicule là.Read less


Price for 2 hours