AENA Aeropuerto de Palma de Mallorca - Larga Estancia

Car park in Carretera de l'Aeroport de Mallorca (Terminal de Carga - Larga Estancia) - 7611. Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Official car park at the Palma de Mallorca Airport. The AENA Larga Estancia car park offers a free shuttle service to the terminal, which will take you to the point you want in a matter of 5 minutes. This car park boasts of 319 parking spots, which are outdoor but covered and constantly monitored thanks to the all-day video surveillance system they offer.

Parking at the Palma de Mallorca Airport during your vacation has never been easier with the AENA Larga Estancia car park, where you can leave your car carefree and take a shuttle to the terminal in only 5 minutes, completely free of charge. Take advantage of this opportunity to park at the Palma de Mallorca Airport for a long period of time and, also, guarantee your parking spot so you can save time without unnecessary delays.

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  • Available for terminals: T1

  • Time to terminal: 5 min To T1 by shuttle

Car park entrance

  • Carretera de l'Aeroport de Mallorca (Terminal de Carga - Larga Estancia)

Parking Schedule

Available 24 hours a day

Transfer schedule

1. From 00:00 To 23:59: When you arrive at the pick-up location, you should call via phone (the phone number for the car park will be provided once your reservation is made).

How to get there?

Coordinates: 39.543005127505, 2.7217800360447.

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At the start of your trip

Upon arrival at the car park, to enter, wait in front of the entry gate: the license plate reader will register your car and the ticket will be issued automatically. This ticket is already prepaid and has your Parclick reservation information (if you press the button, your reservation will not be valid and you'll be charged the rate price, when your reservation is already paid through Parclick).

Please arrive at the car park with time to spare. Keep in mind that the check-in process will verify your reservation and then you will catch the shuttle to the airport, which will take about 1 minutes.

Location of the bus/shuttle stop to the terminal: Stop indicated within the car park

Upon returning from your trip

Once you've picked up your bags, go to the closest shuttle stop:

Terminal T1:

Go to the control cabin (or the automatic pay booth) and enter the ticket you took at the entrance to validate it. Usually, when you have stayed past the time on your reservation, you will have to pay the difference to the car park. Afterwards, drive to the barrier and use your ticket to open the it.

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