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Lungomare C. Colombo, 17

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The Puteoli Parking 2.0, located at Rampa Aurelio Saffi, 6 in Pozzuoli, stands out as an ideal solution for those seeking a reliable and convenient parking near the Port of Pozzuoli. With an area of 800 square meters and a capacity for 50 parking spaces, this covered parking not only offers ample space but also guaranteed security.
One of the strengths of this parking facility is its proximity to the port, making it a strategic choice for those preparing to embark on a cruise. Additionally, Puteoli Parking 2.0 provides a free shuttle service, allowing travelers to reach the port in just 10 minutes, ensuring a stress-free start to their journey.
Points of interest in the immediate vicinity include the charming historic center, the famous Temples of Serapis, the ancient amphitheater, the picturesque Rione Terra, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture before departure.
The process to access the parking is equally straightforward. With the car valet service, you arrive at the port, and the staff will take care of retrieving your vehicle right there, safely and reliably transporting it to the parking facility.
Security is a priority at Puteoli Parking 2.0, with a 24-hour active surveillance system. The parking is accessible from 6 in the morning until midnight, providing coverage for most flight and cruise schedules.
It's important to note that vehicles with GPL (liquefied petroleum gas) are not allowed, and customers are required to leave their keys with the parking staff. This contributes to ensuring a quick and efficient service for all users.
Finally, the convenience of online booking through the Parclick app or website emphasizes Puteoli Parking 2.0's commitment to providing a seamless experience from the beginning of the journey. In just a few clicks, travelers can secure a safe, convenient, and easily accessible parking space, completing their preparations for a pleasant cruise from the Port of Pozzuoli.


  • Guaranteed parking space
  • Car park with maximum height allowed (3m)
  • Flexible entry
  • It's necessary to leave your car keys with the staff
  • Covered
  • Guarded

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Via dell'Emporio 18
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"BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL: 60 minutes before, call the free phone number +39 3271420279 / +39 08118815247 to agree on the arrival time (and meeting point) with the car park staff. UPON YOUR ARRIVAL: Drive the meeting point agreed with the car park staff. You will find the valet driver at the agreed meeting point. Tell the valet driver the number of your Parclick reservation. The valet driver will ask you for the keys to your vehicle and will take it to the car park for you. UPON YOUR RETURN: 60 minutes before arriving, call the free phone number +39 3271420279 / +39 08118815247 to have the valet driver bring your vehicle back. The car park staff will deliver your vehicle at the agreed time and place."

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