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Markt Tervuren

Markt, 7
About the car park
Are you looking for a car park in the city of Tervuren? A car park where you can leave your car to walk around the city? Don't waste your time looking any further as we have the right car park for you: the Indigo Markt Tervuren car park. In addition to its ideal location at Markt 7 - 3080 Tervuren, this public car park is indoor, supervised and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Would you like to have lunch or dinner in the area? Park your car safely in the Markt car park and enjoy your day or evening! If you are less familiar with the area, we recommend the following restaurants: t Park (Markt 9, 3080 Tervuren), Den Engel (Kerkstraat 21, 3080 Tervuren), Restaurant Il Carrettino (Peperstraat, Tervuren), Canapé (Duisburgsesteenweg 22, 3080 Tervuren), La Cantina Italiana (Duisburgsesteenweg 22, 3080 Tervuren), Harumi Sushi Bar (Brusselsesteenweg 59, 3080 Tervuren), the Pizzeria Di Fiore (Brusselsesteenweg 67, 3080 Tervuren), the restaurant Dekimpe / Didier (Brusselsesteenweg 80, 3080 Tervuren), the restaurant Montblanc (Markt 3, 3080 Tervuren), the restaurant The Lodge Tervuren (Markt 6, 3080 Tervuren), or the Foyer De Warandepoort (Markt 7 b, 3080 Tervuren). All of these addresses are only a few minutes walk from the Indigo Markt Tervuren car park. If you are passing through the city and staying at Hotel Rastelli Tervuren (Hoornzeelstraat 63, 3080 Tervuren), Hotel Jean Elsen & sons (Tervurenlaan 65, 3080 Tervuren), The Mansion (Ringlaan 25, 3080 Tervuren), The Farhangui Estate (Reeboklaan 46, 3080 Tervuren) or at the African heritage Tervuren (Rozendalstraat 10, 3080 Tervuren), reserve your parking space in advance in the Markt Tervuren car park with Parclick and make sure you leave your car safely throughout your stay. If you need to do some shopping, you will find a Carrefour express (Oppemstraat 16, 3080 Tervuren) a few metres from the Markt car park. Please note that there are many banks in the vicinity of the Markt Tervuren car park such as the KBC Bank Tervuren (Markt 4, 3080 Tervuren), ING Tervuren (Brusselsesteenweg 20, 3080 Tervuren) and BNP Paribas Fortis Tervuren (Brusselsesteenweg 28/30, 3080 Tervuren). For those who live in the area and are studying at the Ingenium school (Old Adres, 3080 Tervuren) or the Lagere en Kleuterschool Mariaschool (Nieuwstraat 17, 3080 Tervuren), you will no longer have any excuses for arriving late as the Markt car park is located 5 minutes away from both! For sportsmen and women, don't get too tired before your session at the DH Transformation Centre (Brusselsesteenweg 41, 3080 Tervuren) or the On Line Fitness (Lindeboomstraat 31, 3080 Tervuren) by parking your car in the nearby Markt car park! Don't wait any longer and reserve your parking space in the Markt Tervuren car park with Parclick! :)Read less
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Open 24 hours a day
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Markt 7