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Car parks near Cádiz Carnival 2023

3 Car parks found
  • IC Santa Bárbara
    1. Closer

    IC Santa Bárbara

    Covered (2.05m)
    27 min (1.6km)
    Parclick price 1 day
  • Parking Nino
    1. Cheaper

    Parking Nino

    Covered (2m)
    41 min (2.5km)
    Price for 1 hour
  • MC Varela

    MC Varela

    Covered (2.2m)
    ContactlessContactless access

Where to park in Cádiz Carnival 2023

If you are planning on attending the Cádiz Carnival with your own car and enjoying the parties that take place February 16 until February 26th of 2023, the best thing to do is park your vehicle in a car park in the city. The Cádiz carnivals occur in the historic center, which is plagued by narrow streets and pedestrian-only avenues. Parking in the street during these dates is practically impossible. If you don´t want to drive for fear of finding a parking spot, Parclick makes it easy for you. Once you know the dates of your trip, reserve a parking space so you can arrive directly at the center of Cádiz and start enjoying the festivities. Look at our interactive map and check the location of the car parks before you get to the city. Everything is faster and easier with Parclick and you will be ready to spend a weekend filled with traditional Cádiz comic bands and troupes.

The location of the MC Varela parking deck is perfect to arrive in the city without the traffic.  In this car park, you avoid entering the historic center of the city with your car, which can be a difficult task – especially if you arrive in the city in the middle of the events and celebrations or during the weekend when the entire city is at a standstill. The MC Varela car park can be easily accessed from the Avenida de Andalucía or from the Avenida Juan Carlos I. These are two of the main roads that lead to the historic center with which you can enter Cádiz without having going through the center of the city. These routes allow you to can access the car park comfortably.  

The Parking Nino parking deck is also an ideal place to park in Cádiz during the carnivals. It is situated on the maritime pathway and has an ample number of parking spaces for either long-term or a few hours. On the weekends, there is a special price.

Keep in mind that Carnival is celebrated at different spots in the city. It is best to leave your car parked and walk throughout the city center. If you do not want to walk, the San Severiano Station is a few meters away from the parking deck and from there, you can get to the historic center in less than five minutes.

February 16 - February 26, 2023

The Cádiz Carnival is one of the most well-known celebrations in Spain. Each year, the fame grows on an international level. In Cádiz, the costumes are important; however, the difference between this festival and those of Venice or Tenerife is that those celebrations do not have as much elegance or pomposity in their costumes but rather the ideas and originality of the outfits.

It is not in vain, as the people of Cádiz are known for laughing at themselves, which you can see from the famous comic bands and musical formations that, in a humorous way, critique everyone and everything. There is a contest in the Gran Teatro Falla held specifically for these musical groups. Once the contest is concluded, the festivities go to the streets and the unique performance groups travel through the historic center while singing their acts. In addition, you will find open-air dances, groups that organize gastronomical parties in the street, parades filled with costumes, humor, fireworks and many other activities that make the Cádiz Carnival considered among the most fun in the world.

Don´t wait a second more! Organize your trip and avoid arriving to find all the parking spaces taken. Choose your dates, find lodging and reserve a parking spot with Parclick. Keep in mind that many people travel for these types of carnivals. Don´t leave it to the last moment! It is as easy as a click. You can also find car parks in over 120 cities in Europe for your other travels.