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Popular car parks in Gibraltar and La Línea de la Concepción

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Where to park in Gibraltar and La Línea de la Concepción

Where do you park when visiting Gibraltar?

If you’re planning on visiting Gibraltar and going by car, keep reading because in this article we lay out all the options for parking in Gibraltar, both inside and outside the territory, so they’re plain to see, which will help you decide where to leave your car!

Parking outside Gibraltar

To park outside Gibraltar, you have two options: either park in La Línea de la Concepción in the blue zone with a time limit, or park in one of the parking lots next to Gibraltar's border and forget about worries. If you go for one of these car parks, it only takes a few minutes to walk to the border, and all of them are safe and monitored. So, if it were up to us, we would choose one of them over the blue area street parking. The closest parking lots to Gibraltar are the following:

  • Gibraltar Sta Bárbara Car Park: closest and cheapest option! Outdoor parking 2 minutes walking distance from the border. Some of its prices are: 2,20 euros / 1 hour; 15,60 euros / 1 day; 43 euros / 7 days; 75 euros / 15 days. 

  • IC Plaza Constitución Car Park: Indoor parking 4 minutes away walking from the border. Some of its prices are: 8 euros / 1 day; 54,25 euros / 7 days; 98,53 euros / 15 days. 

  • IC Centro Car Park: indoor parking 10 minutes walking from the border. Some of its prices are: 3 euros / 1 day; 29 euros / 7 days; 53 euros / 15 days. 

  • COPARK Alcaidesa - La Marina Car Park: indoor parking in the Port of the Bay of Algeciras, closeby the Ferry Passenger Terminal and the Heliport. Some of its prices are: 18,75 euros / 1 day; 79 euros / 7 days; 125 euros / 15 days. 

  • Parking Mercado de Abastos - Algeciras: In the center of Algeciras, closeby the ferry, and the Algeciras Bus & Train Stations. Some of its prices are: 2,44 euros / 1 hour; 14,25 euros / 1 day; 68,25 euros / 7 days; 135 euros / 15 days. 

  • Mercure Algeciras Car Park: Close to the Algeciras Port and open 24/7. Some of its prices are: 11,80 euros / 1 day; 82,60 euros / 7 days; 177 euros / 15 days. 

To explain the La Línea de la Concepción blue area in greater detail; it runs Monday-Friday from 09:00-18:00 and Saturdays from 10:00-14:00. During these times, you can park for up to 6 hours. Sundays are free and there’s no time limit on parking. Please be aware that there are different rates for cars and vans: prices for tourists start at €1.30 for 60 minutes and go up to €6.35 for 6 hours. Vans must pay between €2.60 for 60 minutes and €12.70 for 6 hours. Of course, the street parking isn’t monitored, so if you are in town for a few days, we recommend booking a car park with Parclick in advance and leaving your car in one of our monitored car parks in La Línea de la Concepción.

Parking inside Gibraltar

Once you’ve entered Gibraltar, you have 3 options for parking this time: street parking, municipal parking areas or car parks. Street parking in the territory of Gibraltar is like gold-dust and mostly reserved for residents anyway. This is the one option we really advise against because you’ll spend a lot of time driving around and could quite easily be treated to a good old-fashioned clamping if you get it wrong! Or worse, it could get towed. Parking in one of the municipal parking areas of Gibraltar isn’t a bad idea, although they’re usually pretty full. What makes them rather peculiar is that there are both free spots (white spots) and paid spots (blue spots) in the same car park, although all of them are outdoor and unmonitored, so safe they are not. The blue spots have a time limit, while the white spots do not. The price of the blue spots is £1.00/hour, or €1.20/hour. The parking meters accept pound coins as well as euros, with an exchange rate of 1 pound = 1.20 euros. 

Can I take my car to Gibraltar?

Being perfectly honest, although you can take your car to Gibraltar, it is an option you might want to quickly re-think! Indeed, as there are more than 20 000 people that cross the border from la Linea to Gibraltar, on a daily basis. Furthermore, car parks in Gibraltar are often full and generally expensive. Thus, if you really want to take your car, you have to be prepared to endure hours and hours of queuing. That’s why we strongly suggest you to either park in one of our parkings in La Línea de la Concepción, or car parks close-by Gibraltar's border. There is a bus stop after the border with buses that come regularly and can take you right to the heart of Gibraltar. 

However, if your objectives include going into Gibraltar with your own car, visiting Europa Point, stocking up on “duty free” products or refueling at a better price than the mainland, then we need to find you somewhere inside the belly of the beast! As a general rule, traffic peak times for weekdays are 08:00-10:00 for entering and 16:00-19:00 for exiting. Still want to take the car inside Gibraltar? The entrance to the country is free but make sure you have valid identification papers to present and a bottle of water, especially if you drive there in summer!

Why do they drive on the right in Gibraltar?

In Gibraltar, people drive on the right simply because it shares a border with Spain, so driving on the same side makes it easier.

How do you get to the top of the rock in Gibraltar?

If your goal is to visit Gibraltar and go up the Rock, you can park in La Línea de la Concepción and enter Gibraltar on your own two feet, as it’s only 14 minutes’ walk on a completely flat route from the border until the Grand Casemates Square and the start of Gibraltar’s Main Street. Then, from the border to the Rock cable car station, it’s only another half an hour, enjoying some beautiful seaside views and you’re there! We would say that the best way to the top of the rock in Gibraltar is to go by cable car. Not only the quickest way to the rock (it just takes 6 minutes!), it is also the most relaxing way to reach the rock and will provide you with incredible views you are not ready to forget! Tickets to take the cable car also allow a free entrance to Gibraltar’s nature reserve, where you can see the Barbary apes that are known to live there. For Adults, a single ticket is priced £13.50, a two-way ticket £13.50 and children’s tickets (single/return) are at £6.50.

Important to note: Apart from Blue Badge holders, you can't drive a non-resident car to the Gibraltar Nature Reserve and Upper Rock.

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