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Garatge Parking Madison - Casa de les Punxes

Avinguda Diagonal, 410
About the car park
Barcelona's charm isn't just in the most central spots, it can also be found along Diagonal Avenue. Garatge Parking Madison - Casa de les Punxes car park, located on that very street, gives you the opportunity to discover it while you leave your car in a guarded, covered parking space at a good price. Parking in Barcelona doesn't have to be complicated! Many of the locals call the area around Diagonal Avenue and Passeig de Sant Joan promenade the neighborhood of memories. Lose yourself there and you'll discover incredible buildings and tremendous sculptures that will have you falling at their feet. If you walk just a few minutes away from this car park, you'll also find Casa de les Punxes and Casa Comalat, two stunning and emblematic examples of Barcelona's modernist architecture. There's nothing better than a good cultural visit that ends with a gastronomic tour! Check out the multiple bars and restaurants that have opened in this area, converting it into a foodie paradise! It's always good to learn something new, but even better to try some new foods! ;) Additionally this car park is close to the Verdaguer (L5) metro stop, so you can leave your car and enjoy the day in the city without having to look at your watch, since it's open 24 hours! Book and start thinking about where to have your first snack!Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Check-in hours
monday to friday 08:00 - 16:00
saturday closed
sunday closed
Car park entrance

Avinguda Diagonal 410

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Accés estret, cap problema amb la reserva tot i no tenir constància de la mateixa per no cumunicar-ho l’empresa als treballador, es fa control manualRead less

Too perfecte. L’accés és una mica estret, però pel demès, és un aparcament dels de tota la vida. Tot OkRead less