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    Terminal Brindisi - Porto di Brindisi

    44 min (2.6km)

SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Easy – P9

Via Ruggero de Simone,, 72100. Provincia di Brindisi, Italy.
About the car park
Are you travelling from Brindisi Airport and wanting to go to the airport in your own car? This probably sounds great to you but...do you know what parking is like near Brindisi Airport? Luckily, now you won't have any problems with it thanks to the SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Easy – P9 car park. Parking in the SABA Aeroporto di Brindisi Easy – P9 car park is an option you should consider if you're leaving from Brindisi Airport and you don't want to leave your car at home. It's a car park which is a 3-minute walk from Brindisi Airport, so you won't have to use a shuttle or a valet to get to the terminal door. Also, it's open 24 hours, so it doesn't matter what time your plane leaves or arrives, since there'll always be a space available for your car. This way, you won't have to adapt your travel schedule to the car park, instead the car park adapts to yours! Even if you're someone who can't relax when they leave their car in a car park, you should know that this car park is under surveillance, so parking your car at Brindisi Airport with SABA is the best way to leave your car in safe hands. Reserve your parking space now in Brindisi and travel Europe with your car in safe hands!Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Check-in hours
monday to sunday 08:00 - 00:00
T1 3 min
How to get there?
How to enter?
Before your journey

When you arrive at the car park, to enter, take your ticket

Park your car and go to the customer service office to validate your booking.

Location of the customer service booth: control booth located inside the SABA P1 car park.

After your journey

In case you need to leave and you cannot validate your reservation yet, use the intercom located on any ATM within the car park to contact our Remote Service Centre: Once you provide the locator code of your reservation we will help you out.

Additional information

If there is no personnel in the control booth, or the control booth is already closed when you get there, do not worry: you can come back another time during your stay within the opening hours of the control booth to validate your reservation. If you exceed the time of your booking, go to the payment machines, press the SOS button, and follow the operator's instructions.

Car park entrance

Via Ruggero de Simone (zona Varco Doganale)

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