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Ecolowpark - Aéroport Marseille - Découvert

41 route du Chemin de Fer, 13127. Vitrolles, Francia.
About the car park
Affordable car park near the Marsella Provence Airport. The Ecolowpark - Aéroport Marseille – Découvert car park is an outdoor car park located in the Vitrolles district, a few minutes from the airport. This car park at the Marsella Airport provides a free shuttle that takes you to T1, T2, T3 or T4 of the Marsella Airport, according to the terminal you’re leaving from. The trip to the Marsella Airport lasts less than 5 minutes, so this car park is the best place for parking near the Marsella Provence Airport. This 24/7 and large car park is very convenient, since it offers handicapped spots, various extra services and, of course, surveillance. Also, unlike other car parks that decide to limit the number of people that can take the shuttle for free, the shuttle service for the Ecolowpark - Aéroport Marseille – Découvert car park is free for the driver and all passengers. This shuttle service is personalized: the bus leaves when you arrive to take you to the Marsella Airport. Upon your return to the Marsella Airport, you only have to call the car park and the shuttle will come pick you up. It’s important that if you’re arriving between 12 at night and 4 in the morning, you must pay a 10€ surcharge for arriving at the Ecolowpark - Aéroport Marseille – Découvert car park. This monitored car park near Marsella offers several extra services, including a valet service, tank fueling, maintenance or repair of your car, etc. On the other hand, the inspection of your car is included. We recommend the Ecolowpark - Aéroport Marseille – Découvert car park for parking near the Marsella Airport. If your flight leaves from one of the terminals at the Marsella Provence Airport, the Ecolowpark - Aéroport Marseille – Découvert car park is a very good option for leaving your car in good hands while you’re traveling. Thanks to its free shuttle, this affordable car park for cars, motorcycles and vans lets you park easily and only a few minutes from the airport!Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle service

Approximate time to terminals:

T13 min
T23 min
How to get there?
How to enter?
Before your journey

Please arrive to the car park with sufficient time. Take into account the check-in process, from when you park, prove your booking and get the bus to the airport, it takes approximately 5 minutes.

On arriving, there will be an inspection of your vehicle.

In case it is necessary, the bus provides seats for babies.

Park your car and go to the customer service office to validate your booking.

Location of the customer service booth: opposite the entrance.

After your journey

After collecting your luggage, call the car park to request being collected. During the call, someone will confirm the meeting point for you in the terminal of the airport. The phone number of the car park will be given once you've made your booking.

Extra services (not included in the price)

If your expected time of entry or exit to the car park occurs between 00:00 and 04:00, you must pay a surcharge of 10€ (paid directly to the car park). Extra services the car park offers: valet parking, cleaning of interior/exterior/both, technical control, maintenance and repair.

Car park entrance

41 route du Chemin de Fer

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Très bon accueil et grande disponibilité de l'équipe. Très proche de l'Aéroport de MarseilleRead less

Impeccable, grande disponibilité,