SABA Stazione di Venezia Mestre

Car park in Viale Stazione, 10 - 30171. Mestre, Italy

SABA Stazione di Venezia Mestre
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SABA Stazione di Venezia Mestre

The SABA Venezia Mestre Stazione car park is an affordable option for parking near the Venice Station, which is literally right in front of the car park. We know perfectly well that one of the main reasons why you are looking for car parks in Mestre is to visit Venice. Therefore, we will explain to you in detail how to get to the centre of Venice after having left your vehicle in this car park at the Venice Mestre Station ;)

You have several options: you can take a train from Venezia Mestre, which will take you to the Santa Lucía Venice Station in Venice itself, in just one stop. If you prefer to take the bus instead of the train, you can take the buses 4 and 4L, which leave from right in front of the Mestre station and take you quickly to Piazzale Roma. Both the train and the bus cross the long Ponte della Libertà bridge and offer you the chance to reach the centre of Venice in a few minutes ;)

But...Why do you have to park in Mestre? It will seem obvious to you, but we want to remind you that it is impossible to drive your car in the centre of Venice, and even more so to park. The only area where you can leave your car is Piazzale Roma. Here, the car parks are easy targets for the number of tourists visiting Venice and are also much more expensive than those in Mestre.

The SABA Venezia Mestre car park is a very affordable option. It is also open every day of the year, 24 hours a day: non-stop! All parking spaces are covered, with video-surveillance and are perfectly accessible for people with disabilities. What more do you want? Affordable prices, good service and an ideal location in a car park at Venice Mestre Station. Book your parking space now to start your trip to Venice in the best conditions!

Car park entrance

  • Viale Stazione, 10

How to redeem your reservation

MULTIPASS 1d (16.00€)

Car park hours

Available 24 hours a day

Price packs


1 day

Unlimited entries / exits


2 days

Unlimited entries / exits


3 days

Unlimited entries / exits


4 days

Unlimited entries / exits


5 days

Unlimited entries / exits


6 days

Unlimited entries / exits


7 days

Unlimited entries / exits


8 days

Unlimited entries / exits


9 days

Unlimited entries / exits


10 days

Unlimited entries / exits


11 days

Unlimited entries / exits


12 days

Unlimited entries / exits


13 days

Unlimited entries / exits


14 days

Unlimited entries / exits


15 days

Unlimited entries / exits


16 days

Unlimited entries / exits


17 days

Unlimited entries / exits


18 days

Unlimited entries / exits


31 days

Unlimited entries / exits




All of the monthly passes begin on the first day of the month and require a minimum stay of four months. See conditions below.


On the date stated on your booking, drive to the car park, collect the ticket at the entrance and park in any free parking space. Once you have got out of the car, make your way over to the control booth with the receipt of your purchase and the following pieces of information, in order to be able to complete and sign your contract: - Full name. - Proof of Identity. - Contact telephone number. - Contact address. - Number plate, model and colour of vehicle. - Bank account number (for direct debit payments): bank statement or any bill with your account number on it.

The price of the Parclick monthly pass is equivalent to one month of parking. This kind of pass requires you to sign a contract with the car park (minimum of 4 months) after carrying out the purchase. Not recommended for tourists.

If you are not a resident and want to park for one month or more, please consider our daily passes of 30 days or contact us at

All monthly passes are subject to the car park's opening hours.

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