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    Garage Sforza

    Covered (2.7m)
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    Autoparcheggio San Barnaba

    Covered (2m)
    6 min (371m)

    Matteotti Parking

    Covered (2m)
    7 min (400m)

    Car Central Parking - Duomo di Milano

    Covered (2m)
    8 min (508m)

    Garage Conservatorio

    Covered (2.4m)
    9 min (557m)


    Covered (2.4m)
    10 min (616m)

    Autosilo Diaz

    Covered (1.95m)
    10 min (621m)

    MUOVIAMO Parking Senato

    Covered (2.1m)
    12 min (712m)

    Box Via Orti - Porta Romana

    Covered (2.15m)
    15 min (882m)

    SABA Piazza Cardinal Ferrari

    Covered (2.05m)
    15 min (919m)

    Central Parking srl

    Covered (2.05m)
    17 min (1.0km)

    Nerino 6

    Covered (3m)
    19 min (1.1km)

    Medaglie d'Oro

    Covered (2m)
    22 min (1.3km)

    Bligny Parking

    23 min (1.4km)

    Garage Piceno

    Covered (2.9m)
    25 min (1.5km)

    Parking Basiliche

    Covered (2.3m)
    25 min (1.5km)

    Autosilo San Marco

    Covered (2.1m)
    25 min (1.5km)

    Garage Gian Galeazzo

    Covered (3.2m)
    25 min (1.5km)


    Covered (1.95m)
    26 min (1.5km)

    Parcheggio Unes - Porta Venezia

    Covered (2.9m)
    26 min (1.6km)

Garage Sforza

Via Francesco Sforza, 4
About the car park
The Garage Sforza car park is found within Areca C or the Limited Traffic Zone of Milan. More info onhow to park in Area C here.
By leaving your car at this car park, you can make the most of a daily discount on Milan’s Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ). You only have to pay 3 euros a day, right to the car park staff for every day that you drive within Area C. Car park in Milan, located just next to the large Avenida Via Sforza Francesco, the Valdese Church and the Santuario Di S. Bernardino Alle Ossa. The Garage Sforza car park is perfect if you need to park in downtown Milan, regardless of what time it is, even in the middle of the night, because the Garage Sforza car park stays open 24 hours a day. Also, for more peace of mind, the Garage Sforza car park is completely covered, video monitored and with private security present in the building 24/7.

Near the Garage Sforza car park, no more than 500 meters away, you’ll find the Visconti Palace, the Della Guastalla Gardens, the Palace of Justice, the Piazza Santo Stefano and the G. Verdi Conservatory of Music. Parking at the Corso Vittorio Emanuele or the Piazza del Duomo, where you’ll find the Milan Duomo and the Cathedral of S.Tecla Nel Duomo Di Milano, is no longer a problem thanks to the Garage Sforza car park, which is located just a 10-minute walk away from the car park. Also, this car park is useful if you have to visit Milan University or want to see the Royal Palace, both located just a 7-minute walk away.

Park in the historic center of Milan and visit many historical, artistic, cultural and tourist attractions, without going crazy looking for parking, because you can use the Garage Sforza car park, located just 15 minutes away on foot from the following places: the Fashion District (on the Via Montenapoleone and Via Spiga), the Polyclinic Hospital and the Mangiagalli Clinic, the Prefecture, the Chamber of Labor, the Sforzesco Castle and the Scala Theater or the Piazza San Babila.

Also, you can visit other interesting places near the Garage Sforza car park like the Velasca Tower, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, Museo del Novecento, Verziere, Provincial Palace of Milan and the Teatro Nuovo, all just a few meters away. If that weren’t enough, the metro stops on the yellow line (Duomo), as well as the red line (San Babila), are less than a 5-minute walk from the Garage Sforza car park.

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Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
How to enter?

"ARRIVAL: Enter the car park. Go to the office with your Parclick reservation. Follow the staff's instructions.

EXIT: Follow the staff's instructions.

IF YOUR BOOKING ALLOWS UNLIMITED ENTRANCE AND EXIT: Follow the same process previously indicated to enter and exit."

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Via Francesco Sforza 4

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