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    Gare de Bercy ECTOR - Service Voiturier

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    INDIGO - Bibliothèque François Mitterrand

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    Gare de Lyon ECTOR - Service Voiturier

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    SAEMES Méditerranée Gare de Lyon OPTIMUM

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    SAEMES Méditerranée Gare de Lyon STANDARD

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    URBIS PARK Paris-Lyon Gare de Lyon

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    INDIGO Bercy Lumière

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    SAEMES Reuilly Diderot

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    Garage du Faubourg - Gare de Lyon

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    INDIGO Université Diderot

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    Gare d'Austerlitz ECTOR - Service Voiturier

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    Elit Park Nation

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    INDIGO Faubourg Saint-Antoine

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    Garage Poniatowski

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    INDIGO Picpus Nation

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Gare de Bercy ECTOR - Service Voiturier Car Park

Gare de Bercy, 48 bis boulevard de Bercy
About the car park
Generally speaking, it isn't super easy to park to Paris, and parking near a train station, well, good luck! But there's a solution! The ECTOR car park at the Gare de Bercy train station lets you save time without having to spend a fortune. Thanks to its valet service, all you have to do is arrive directly at the momentary stop ("dépose-minute") on the Boulevard de Bercy, in front of the station, then a professional driver from ECTOR will be there waiting for you - and don't worry, they'll be easy to recognise thanks to the ECTOR uniform. Then while you take the train, the driver will park your car in a covered and guarded car park. When you return, you will find your car exactly where you handed over.   Plus, this car park is great value, so what more could you want? ;) At this car park, you must leave your car keys.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 06:00 - 23:30
How to enter?

While you are making your purchase choose the date on which you are going to arrive. After making the payment online you will receive a billing confirmation by email containing the reference number of your reservation. THE DAY OF YOUR RESERVATION: Let us know by telephone 15 minutes before arriving at the airport. The driver will direct you to which point of the terminal you can hand your vehicle over to us. Show your Parclick booking confirmation to the driver before handing over your keys. UPON YOUR RETURN: Let us know by telephone when you are picking up your luggage (or once you have landed if you do not have luggage). We will be waiting for you with your vehicle at the same point of the Departure Terminal where we picked it up.

Car park entrance

Dépose-minute (48 bis, boulevard de Bercy)

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Service impeccable à su s’adapter aux aléas pour répondre à mes besoins