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Parkineo Aéroport Paris Orly - Extérieur

1 Chemin des Carrières, 94310. Orly, Francia.
About the car park
Car park near the Paris-Orly Airport. The Parkineo Aéroport Paris Orly lets you leave your car in an outdoor car park, a few minutes from the Orly Airport. Then, you can catch a free shuttle to the departures terminal at Orly. This car park is located in Orly, near highway D153. After leaving your car at the Parkineo Aéroport Paris Orly car park, you'll get to the South Terminal or the West Terminal of the airport in less than 5 minutes. Although it's not located in the airport, the Parkineo Aéroport Paris Orly car park is very practical for leaving your car worry-free and getting to the departures terminal without wasting time. The Orly Airport car park shuttle leaves with a frequency of every <10 minutes from the Orly car park. Upon returning to the airport, you only have to call the car park so the shuttle comes to pick you up. You'll find your car at the Orly car park as you left it. For each extra person, there is a 7€ surcharge Practical, affordable and quick: the outdoor Parkineo Aéroport Paris Orly car park is an ideal option for parking within minutes at the Orly Airport! At this car park, you must leave your car keys with us.Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle service

Approximate time to terminals:

Car park entrance

2-4 Chemin des Carrières