Parking 2000

Car park in 250 Rue de Crimée - 75019. Paris, France

Parking 2000
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Parking 2000

Car park near the Rosa Parks station in district 19 of Paris. This is one of the most affordable car parks in Paris. You can arrive by taking Crimée street. The 2000 car park lets you access the Centquatre building, a public institute of cultural cooperation that is a historic monument. The proximity of Porte d'Aubervilliers, a few minutes away by car, is a great benefit. You can arrive at district 19 from northern Paris or from the ring road. By staying on d'Aubervilliers street, you'll reach Crimée street where the 2000 car park is located.

Monitored and open 24 hours, this car park in district 19 lets you leave your car in a secure place before going by tram to the Villette park, Géode or the City of Science and Industry. You can choose between several public transit methods. Located north of the Rosa Parks station and very near the 2000 car park in Paris, you'll find the Rosa Parks tram station on line 3b. From here, you can get to the Porte de Pantin next to the City of Music – Philharmonie de Paris. You can also get around on metro from the Crimée station, on line 7, which takes you to the Villette port, the gare de l'Est or even downtown Paris (Châtelet). Thanks to the 2000 car park you can avoid parking downtown.

If you have to go to the Centquatre, located on d’Aubervilliers street, the 2000 car park lets you park only 10 minutes away. You can get there walking from Curial street. Near the 2000 car park, you'll find the Centre Communautaire Culturel Israélite (Curial street), the Mathis pool, the Saint-Luc parish, l’Église Catholique des Chinois à Paris and the Maison Blanche medical center. A little further, you'll find the FIVE Paris, Rachmaninoff gardens and the Claude-Bernard Square, all less than a 15-minute walk away.

We recommend this car park in district 19 to anybody coming from northern Paris and looking for parking near the Rosa Parks station or anybody who wants an affordable car park near the City of Music.

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  • Rue Gaston Tessier 4

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MULTIPASS 12h (17.00€)

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