100, rue de la Santé
About the car park
The Sainte Anne de París car park is located in the 14E-Arrondissement, where you can find the well known Montparnasse neighbourhood, a must-see destination for artists and intellectuals, the City Observatory and the Catacombs. In less than 5 minutes on foot from the Sante Anne car park is the Montsouris park and in the vicinity there are a lot of health centres. A few metres away from the car park is the Villa Montsouris Clinic, and less than 10 minutes' walk from the Glacière metro station. In the area you can find many restaurants and cafés. Even though the car park is open 24 hours a day, you need to validate your receipt of purchase when personnel are present: Monday to Friday from 1pm to 8pm.Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Check-in hours
monday to friday 13:00 - 19:30
saturday closed
sunday closed
How to enter?

When you arrive, head to the machine at the entrance.

To enter, scan the QR code indicated on your reservation. After a few seconds, once the QR code been read and recognized, the machine will issue an exit ticket. Be sure to keep it until the end of your stay at the car park, as you'll need it to get out.

Next, the gate will open to let you enter. Park in any free spot.

If the gate doesn't open, use the intercom to get in touch with the car park operator: he/she will explain the next steps to follow.

To leave: use the ticket you got upon arrival. If you exceed your reservation time, the machine will ask you to pay the extra amount directly at the car park to be able to leave.

Lastly, you can arrive up to 10 minutes before the time indicated on your reservation for the QR code to be validated.

Car park entrance

100, rue de la Santé

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