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Garage San Pietro Car Park

Piazza di Santa Maria alle Fornaci, 26
About the car park
This car park is located outside the ZTL (limited traffic zone). Please note that in this car park you have to leave your keys. Car park in Rome, located right at the Piazza di S.Maria Alle Fornaci. The Garage San Pietro car park is located in an unbeatable location if you need to park near the Vatican City, since it’s found only a 5-minute walk away. The Garage San Pietro car park is located in the Limited Traffic Zone, making it the best option for parking near the Vatican City without getting fined. Near the Garage San Pietro car park, you can enjoy the Santa Maria delle Grazie alle Fornaci Parish or the Belén de Netturbini. Come visit Rome in your own car and park as close as possible to the Vatican City, avoiding the LTZ. With the Garage San Pietro car park, you can park at the Piazza San Pietro, located only 500 meters from the car park. Don’t wait any longer and visit Rome to enjoy the Vatican City only steps away from your parked car. The Garage San Pietro provides facilities with a 24-hour anti-theft alarm system, as well as civil, fire and theft liability insurance. If you don’t know where to park near the Vatican, the Garage San Pietro car park is the best option for completely enjoying your trip Rome worry-free. Don’t wait any longer and book your parking spot at the Vatican at the Garage San Pietro car park, so you can completely visit the entire Vatican City. Between the walls that protect the Vatican, you can visit the Aula Pablo VI, Church of Santa Maria Regina della Famiglia or the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery. Parking near the Basilica of San Pedro has never been easier thanks to the Garage San Pietro car park, located only a 5-minute walk away. Visit the Sistine Chapel without worrying about where to park in Rome with the Garage San Pietro car park, where you can also visit the Vatican City Gardens, the Apostolic Palace, the Belvedere Patio or the Vatican Museum. Likewise, with the Garage San Pietro car park, you can also park near the Hospital Santo Spirito or the Hospital Pediatrico Bambino Gesù. The Garage San Pietro car park is located a 15-minute walk from both, making it very practical. If you’re going to travel to Rome in your car, but prefer to get around with public transit, book your spot at the Garage San Pietro car park, where you can leave your car as long as you want, since it’s 300 meters from the Roma San Pietro train station, as well as 15 minutes from the Gianicolo bus terminal.Read less
Car park hours
monday to saturday 06:30 - 01:00
sunday 06:30 - 11:00
20:00 - 01:00
How to enter?

ARRIVAL: Enter the car park. Go to the office with your Parclick reservation. Follow the staff's instructions.

EXIT: Follow the staff's instructions.

IF YOUR BOOKING ALLOWS UNLIMITED ENTRANCE AND EXIT: Follow the same process previously indicated to enter and exit.

Car park entrance

Piazza di Santa Maria Alle Fornaci 26

What our customers say
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Ce parking est en centre-ville ça qui est très pratique puisque les touristes ne peuvent pas se garer. Les places sont réservées aux résidentsRead less

très bien placé bien sécurisé

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