SABA Villa Borghese

Car park in Viale del Galoppatoio, 33 - 197. Rome, Italy

SABA Villa Borghese
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SABA Villa Borghese

The SABA Villa Borghese car park is perfect if you want to park in the centre of Rome, as it is practically inside the well-known Villa Borghese Park, which is pedestrianised and connected to the Piazza di Spagna square and Via del Babuino and Vittorio Veneto streets.

Open and with 24-hour video surveillance, the SABA Villa Borghese car park is just a few steps from Rome's main points of interest, such as Pincian Hill, Piazza del Popolo square, Piazza di Spagna square, the Villa Medici architectural complex, the church of Trinità dei Monti...All this within a 5-minute walk from the car park! If this is your first time touring the streets of Rome, we are sure you will want to visit the Trevi Fountain. You park, take a 15-minute walk and toss a coin at the famous fountain, which is now a tradition for all the city's tourists.

If you're not sure how to get around the Italian capital by car, there's nothing to be afraid of with the Villa Borghese car park. The car park is located right on the border with the ZTL (Zone of Limited Traffic) in the centre of Rome, a perfect position to be next to the centre without having to worry about getting authorization to drive and thus avoiding a possible fine. To get to the car park: go to Viale del Galoppatoio street (parallel to Via del Muro Torto street) via Corso d'Italia street or through Via Pinciana street. This is essential, because if you enter through another street you can accidentally enter the ZTL, and we don't want you to get a fine during your trip ;)

Once you have arrived safely thanks to our instructions, leave your car and (after visiting the Villa Borghese Park, of course) move around the centre of Rome comfortably on foot or by public transport.

Parking outside of the ZTL in Rome will be an advantage to be taken into account, as in Piazza di Spagna square, a nearby point of interest, is the metro station on Line A, with which you can reach all corners of the city, including Rome Termini Station and the Vatican City. All this with the peace of mind of having left your vehicle in a safe place.

We can't forget the most important thing. With this car park in the centre of Rome, you can spend a relaxing day strolling through the monumental Villa Borghese Park and enjoying the Galleria Borghese art gallery, La Casina di Raffaello toy library, the Piazza di Siena square, the Temple of Aesculapius and the many museums, such as the Casa del Cinema or the Museo Carlo Bilotti of Contemporary Art. Just behind the Villa Borghese Park is the Bioparco di Roma zoological park, an ideal place for a day out with the family, and especially for the little ones.

With the SABA Villa Borghese car park, parking in the centre of Rome is no longer a problem. There's only one thing left for us to tell you: you're welcome ;)

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  • Via del Muro Torto

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All of the monthly passes begin on the first day of the month and require a minimum stay of four months. See conditions below.


On the date stated on your booking, drive to the car park, collect the ticket at the entrance and park in any free parking space. Once you have got out of the car, make your way over to the control booth with the receipt of your purchase and the following pieces of information, in order to be able to complete and sign your contract: - Full name. - Proof of Identity. - Contact telephone number. - Contact address. - Number plate, model and colour of vehicle. - Bank account number (for direct debit payments): bank statement or any bill with your account number on it.

The price of the Parclick monthly pass is equivalent to one month of parking. This kind of pass requires you to sign a contract with the car park (minimum of 4 months) after carrying out the purchase. Not recommended for tourists.

If you are not a resident and want to park for one month or more, please consider our daily passes of 30 days or contact us at

All monthly passes are subject to the car park's opening hours.

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