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    Primado Reig

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    +60 min (10.5km)

AENA Aeropuerto de Valencia - Larga Estancia Car Park

Carretera Aeropuerto Manises, Aeropuerto de Valencia (Llegadas), 46940. Manises, España.
About the car park
Official car park at the Valencia Airport. This car park is outdoor and uncovered, and just 5 minutes' walk from the terminal. To get to this car park, you just need to drive to the airport, either via the V-11 or the N-220. Once you have arrived at the airport complex, take the lane most to the right, following the signs to 'P4 Larga Estancia y Centro de Carga'. You will arrive at a roundabout and then just follow the yellow signs for the 'P4 Larga Estancia' (your car park!!) The AENA Larga Estancia car park is intended for those who need to leave their car at the Valencia Airport for a long period of time. So, if you're going on holiday and don't know where to park at the Valencia Airport, the AENA Larga Estancia car park is exactly what you're looking for, as it's intended for those who are leaving for a long period. If you're somebody who plans to the very last detail and you like to have everything organised, don't wait any longer and book your parking spot at the Valencia Airport with the AENA Larga Estancia car park. It offers the best value for money on the market!Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
T1 5 min
How to get there?
How to enter?
Before your journey

When you arrive at the car park, to enter, take your ticket

If this ticket shows the wrong number plate, you will have to go to the office with your Parclick reservation after having parked.

After your journey

On your return journey, you must pass the customer service booth to get instructions.

Location of the customer service booth: to the right of the entrance to car park P1, in the building straight ahead when you come out of the terminal. To walk back to car park P4, you only have to skirt the terminal.

Usually, when you have stayed past the time on your reservation, you will have to pay the difference to the car park.

Car park entrance

Aeropuerto de Valencia (Llegadas - P4)

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