APK2 Lys

Carrer de Martínez Cubells, 3
About the car park
Whatever your reason for visiting Valencia, we're almost positive that the APK2 Lys car park will suit your needs. Why? Because this car park in downtown Valencia has many advantages, so we recommend that you keep reading if you want to know what they are... ;) With this covered car park, you can park near the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, (just 4 minutes by foot), park near the Plaza de Toros in Valencia (just 3 minutes away) and park near the Lys Valencia Cinema, just 1 minute away! That's not all, because we know that when you visit a city, you'll want to do some shopping. With this monitored car park, you can park near the Calle Colón, the most important commercial street in the city and check out all the trendy shops. :) You can park near the Xàtiva metro station (lines 3, 5, and 9) and get around the city while your car is secure in this 24-hour car park! That's right, it doesn't matter if you don't plan your way back... because you can arrive at any time of the day. You can't ask for more if you want to park in downtown Valencia... so guarantee your parking spot at the APK2 Lys car park and enjoy Valencia. ;)Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
How to enter?

TO OPEN THE BARRIER: take a ticket. Park in any free space. Go to the office with your Parclick reservation.

DEPARTURE: use the card/device the staff gave you.

IF YOUR BOOKING ALLOWS UNLIMITED ENTRANCE AND EXIT: use the multipass card/device the staff gave you.

Car park entrance

Carrer de Martínez Cubells, 3

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