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Where to park in Zaragoza

Where can I park in Zaragoza?

Between Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, there is actually a hidden gem: Zaragoza. However, before you get lost in Zaragoza’s narrow streets, and squares, make sure to reserve a parking in Zaragoza to make sure you leave your car in a monitored, cheap car park!

This city should not be overlooked; it not only has beautiful architecture and amazing Spanish food but is also full of culture and life with its many theatres, museums and art!

With Parclick, always find parking at the best price, with the possibility of booking in advance, so you have a guaranteed spot when you arrive in Zaragoza and do not miss a minute of your trip. We want to make sure to provide you with parkings so that your visit to Zaragoza isn't affected by trying to find a parking spot. Enter the address near which you want to park. You can see the list of car parks that Parclick offers and select the parking in Zaragoza that best suits your stay.

At Parclick we have 15 car parks in Zaragoza, which you can book for medium or long trips at the best price. Compare results in our list and choose the car park that best suits your needs. Don't hesitate to book your parking spot with Parclick and enjoy Zaragoza in your car without any setbacks.

Where can I park in Zaragoza’s city center?

Here is a list of our parkings in Zaragoza’s city center: 

These car parks have the same prices. Some of the rates are: 1,37 euros / 1 hour; 13,86 euros / 1 day; 75 euros / 7 days.

More car park options include:

Cheap car parks a little further away (better for longer stays)

Where to leave the car at Zaragoza airport?

Parclick also offers you an option to park at Zaragoza’s Airport, in a parking right next to the departure airport terminal, so you may enjoy a hassle-free and relaxing trip! With a shuttle service to the airport, fully monitored and open 24//, this is the best place to park at the Zaragoza airport.

What does the blue parking zone and orange parking zone mean?

In Zaragoza, free on-street parking in Zaragoza is almost impossible to find. For on-street parking, there are two different zones: the ERSO which is the blue zone, and the ERSE zone or orange zone which is made specifically for residents.

  • ERSO (blue) zone: parking in this zone costs 0,25 euros during the first 25 minutes and 0,70 for an hour and 1,45 euros for 2 hours. Important to remember: The Maximum parking time in Blue zones is 2 hours.

  • ESRE (orange) zone: parking here for 25 minutes costs the same as in the blue zone, and it costs 0,75 euros for 45 minutes. Important to remember: Maximum parking time in Orange zones (or ESRE) is 1 hour and it costs 1,15 euros.

Although these car parks are rather well-priced, they only provide you with a limited amount of parking time. They do not leave you enough time to visit tourist attractions, since most of these attractions take more than one or two hours to visit. While you discover Zaragoza and its palaces, museums and cathedrals, you will probably not want to go back and forth to and from parkings just to move your car. 

In order to avoid this stressful situation, it’s much easier to reserve one of Parclick’s monitored parkings so that you can park your vehicle and not worry about it for however long you want. We have parkings all around the city including at the airport, for prices as low as 3,15 euros for 1 day :) 

Is Zaragoza worth visiting?

As the capital of the Aragón region, this city is rich in history. Visit its many museums, its enchanting palaces, its striking cathedrals, try some of its tantalizing tapas and walk around to see its street art and boutiques. If you are road tripping through the north of Spain, you might want to add a stop in Zaragoza, it’s worth it! Situated between Spain’s two largest cities Madrid and Barcelona, it is also perfect for a day trip from one of these cities. Does the offer sound tempting? Read on to know more about the city of Zaragoza. 

What is Zaragoza famous for?

Zaragoza is known for its magnificent architecture with its basilica, palaces, ruins and fortresses. It has more than 2000 years of history, was reigned by the Romans, the Moors and Christian kings, and all of these influences can still be seen today in places such as the Teatro Romano, the Aljaferia Palace as well as with its many churches and cathedrals. 

In terms of art, the famous painter Francisco de Goya was born in a town next to Zaragoza and you can visit the Collection Ibercaja Museum Zaragoza Goya, which displays some of his main art pieces. 

Food is also a reason that this city is worth the stay. Soups, stews, vegetables and grilled or barbecued meats are typical in Zaragoza. Some unavoidable local specialties are the Ajoarriero which is cod, Ternasco (baby lamb), roasted suckling pig, and some if its cured meat such as the longaniza (a pork sausage) and cured ham from Teruel. If you have more of a sweet tooth, you can buy Frutas de Aragon which are sweets made of candied fruits covered in chocolate :)

Zaragoza is also recognisable for its festival Fiestas del Pilar. Celebrated every year from the night before the 12th of October to the next Sunday, it is held to honour the Virgen del Pilar, the patron saint of Zaragoza. A wide range of events, concerts, parades and other activities generally take place, making this a great moment to experience an authentic spanish festive atmosphere.

What to do in Zaragoza?

  1. Plaza del Pilar

This is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. Unlike most squares, it has not just one but two cathedrals, and is right next to the River Ebro. A huge fountain can also be seen next to the basilica del pilar, the Fuente de la Hispanidad, a fountain created to celebrate hispanicity.

  1. The Cathedrals: Basilica del Pilar and the Catedral del Salvador

The Basilica del Pilar and the Catedral del Salvador are the main cathedrals of the city and are both located in the Plaza del Pilar. The Basilica del Pilar, the most iconic site of the city, has four large towers, contains paintings by Goya and is devoted to the Virgin Mary. The baroque style cathedral was completed in 1872 but the high towers were created later, in the 20th Century. The entrance is free, but if you wish to visit the tower, there is a fee of 3 euros, and it's museum costs 2 euros. The Catedral del Salvador, which used to be a mosque during the Moorish occupation, became a blend of historical influences. The entrance costs about 4 euros and includes its famous tapestry museum.

  1. La Aljaferia

In Arabic, “Aljaferia” translates to “palace of joy”. The palace was constructed in the XIth century by the king of the taifas Al-Muqtadir, an independent Muslim kingdom. It is characterized by its geometric shapes which are typical in islamic art. The palace later became the palace of King Pedro V after the Reconquista, and the palace of different catholic monarchs. It also has a wonderful and peaceful garden, which you can visit as well. Entry fee is about 5 euros (and there are different price fees depending on age and group fees). 

  1. Tapas in El Tubo

In EL Tubo, close by Plaza del Pilar, there are many small alleys where you may eat some delightful tapas. Filled with laughter and people speaking loudly (as they do in spain!), this neighbourhood is especially busy in the evenings. What is interesting about the bars there, is that many specialize in different tapas such as some specializing in croquettes, others in mushrooms or potatoes etc. This way, you can skip from one bar to the next, according to what you enjoy eating and which dish you want to try.

  1. The Mercado Central 

Opened in 1903, the mercado central is where you can immerse yourself in the daily lives of the inhabitants of Zaragoza. It is a great example of Art Nouveau architecture in Zaragoza, and you may find local products and local food specialties but remember to keep enough appetite to go to El Tubo at night! :)

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