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The Mayol district in Toulon, nestled in the heart of this Mediterranean port city, offers a vibrant blend of Provençal charm, maritime history, and lively modernity. Located near the port of Toulon, the Mayol district enjoys a dynamic atmosphere where the old and the new harmoniously come together. Named after the famous admiral Louis Mayol de Lupé, this district captivates visitors with its picturesque alleys, lively markets, sunny cafes, and unique maritime ambiance. Whether exploring its colorful shops, typical restaurants, or iconic places, the Mayol district reveals a true tableau of Mediterranean life, capturing the spirit of Toulon in a captivating way.

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How to park in the Mayol district?

The Mayol district in Toulon offers several parking options for visitors looking to explore the area. Parking spaces can generally be found in the surrounding streets, although availability may be limited at times due to the district's popularity. It is advisable to arrive early to maximize your chances of finding an available space.

Additionally, the Mayol district often has public or private parking lots, such as Parking Mayol, which provides a convenient solution for visitors. Before heading to the district, it may be useful to check information on local parking lots, rates, and opening hours to plan your parking accordingly. Depending on the time and day of the week, parking availability may vary, so it is always recommended to pay attention to signage and local parking regulations.


Parking at Stade Mayol in Toulon?

To park at Stade Mayol in Toulon, various options are available to visitors. Firstly, the stadium itself usually offers dedicated parking during events. However, due to high demand, it is advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. In addition, public parking lots in the vicinity of the stadium can be considered, and it is recommended to inquire about available options nearby. To facilitate access without worrying about parking, the use of public transportation, such as buses or special shuttles during significant events, can also be a practical alternative. Before heading to Stade Mayol, it is always wise to check current information on parking, local regulations, and public transportation options, taking into account specific recommendations from event organizers.

Finding parking at Mayol Shopping Center - how to do it?

To find parking at Mayol Shopping Center in Toulon, it is recommended to first check the parking facilities offered by the shopping center itself. You can access this information by visiting the official website of the center or by contacting them directly to get details on available parking lots, rates, and opening hours.

On-site, follow local signage and signs that clearly indicate parking locations. Shopping centers usually have well-defined signage to facilitate visitors' navigation to parking areas.

Also, explore online information, including the shopping center's website and social media, to find details on parking options, possible rates, and ongoing promotions. For more security and to fully enjoy your trip to Toulon, opt for parking reservation at Mayol with Parclick!


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