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Where to park in Porto

Is there free parking in Porto?

If you have found this trip, you are probably thinking about coming to Porto, and maybe thinking about coming by car or renting a car. If you’re wondering about how to find a parking in Porto, preferably the most affordable possible - Read on! Porto, a city that truly captivates you just by looking at it, and is an ideal destination for a getaway. Its colorful facades, the clothes hanging on the balconies, its sunsets, the squawking seagulls or its live fado shows, make it unique. Although it is not a very big city, many events and activities can take place in this city, events that are definitely worth the trip.

As in most big cities, if you haven't remembered to reserve your parking space before arriving, finding parking in Porto can be a headache (and we would rather avoid that!).

Booking a parking in Porto

In general, the older areas of the city have very narrow roads and it is not recommended to park your car on the street, so it is very difficult to park for free in Porto. Therefore, if you plan to visit downtown Porto or you're just passing through, we would advise you to book your parking space in advance in a car park in downtown Porto so you can say goodbye to stressful and never-ending searches for free parking spaces. 

We’ve made you a list of some of our cheap and popular car parks in Porto:

Car Park 1 day 7 days 30 days
Parque de Carregal Car Park 15 euros 65 euros 80 euros
Cristal Park Car Park 15 euros 74 euros  95 euros
SABA Palacio de Justicia Car Park 19, 50 euros  91, 95 euros  109, 45 euros
SABA Praca Lisboa Car Park 26, 40 euros  146,70 euros  160,25 euros
SABA Cardosas Car Park 26,45 euros  146,85 euros 160,35 euros
SABA Ribiera Car Park 29,95 euros 146,85 euros 160,35 euros
Batalha Car Park 1, 40 euros/1 hour 15 euros/1 day 95 euros/ 7 days


We also have some cheap car parks a little further away with prices as low as 3 euros / day! You can see them by scrolling up this page, using our search engine with the address of your destination and sorting the car parks by price!

Parking On-street in Porto

However, if you want to know how parking on the street in Porto works, we will explain it briefly: In Porto, parking on the street has a maximum duration that varies between 2h and 10h. You will have to pay the parking meter ticket at the following times (except holidays):

  • In zones I, II, III, IV: Monday to Friday between 9:00h and 19:00h.

  • In zone I: Saturdays between 11:00h and 16:00h.

As we don't want you to spend your time looking for a parking space, we advise you to reserve your parking space before your arrival in one of our car parks in Porto. ;)

Parking near Porto Airport

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto, also known as Porto Airport or Pedras Rubras Airport, is the second busiest airport in Portugal after the Lisbon Airport. It is also considered one of the most modern airports in Europe.

Located approximately 12 kilometers from downtown Porto, if you are flying from the airport and need a place to leave your car, remember to book your long-stay parking at Porto's Airport. Don't leave everything to the last minute, just worry about packing your suitcase and preparing your travel guide. We'll take care of finding you a cheap parking spot at Porto Airport and you'll save time and money.

In short, if you want to be sure to have your car under surveillance in a safe place during your stay, we recommend that you book at one of our car parks at the Porto airport. Reserve your parking space before you arrive for a stress-less trip!

Parking near train stations

  • Sao Bento Station: right in the center of the city, it is the most historic station and makes short distance trips. If your train departs from here and you are driving to the station, you can easily park near San Bento Station if you book in advance.

  • Porto-Campanhã Station: located next to the Dragon Stadium, it runs long distance routes. It is very well connected to Porto's urban transport, making it easy to travel to many parts of the city. However, if you prefer to move by car to the station, you can book a parking spot near the Porto-Campanhã Station.

How much is parking in Porto?

Parking prices in Porto vary depending on the neighbourhood. In terms of parkings with hourly rates, prices range from about 0.8 euros / hour to 2.8 euros / hour. It all depends on the services provided in the parking (valet, opening hours, surveillance), its location, and whether it is outdoor or indoor. Parking further away from the city center generally gives you cheaper parking options than parking closer to the center. And at Parclick, we have both car parks inside the heart of the city, and a bit further away, so you can choose the best pick for you! Which leads us to the next point…

How do you get around Porto Portugal?

Although Porto is a city where it is very walkable, you can get almost anywhere on foot without any problem, you may need to use public transportation to reach certain points, especially if you are one of those who enjoy exploring every corner of the city, or if you want to park a little further away for cheaper prices. If you do have the opportunity to explore Porto on foot, we recommend you park in one of our car parks on the outskirts of downtown Porto, where you can walk to the center and get to know the city in depth. Get ready to use your legs! :)

Getting around Porto by tram

Porto's tramway has indisputably become a tourist attraction, and taking a ride on this transport has a great charm. There are 3 lines in operation:

  • Line 1: Infante-Passeio Alegre (from 09:30h to 18:00).

  • Line 18: Massarelos-Carmo. Circulates (from 09:15h to 19:00).

  • Line 22: Carmo-Guindais Batalha (from 10:00h to 19:00).

Getting around Porto by subway

With this means of transport you can reach almost every point of the city quickly and it is also one of the most modern and efficient subways in Europe. It is open from 6 am to 1 am (with the exception of line F which is open until 00:30 am). It has 81 stations distributed on 6 different lines:

  • Line A (blue): Estádio do Dragão - Senhor de Matosinhos.

  • Line B (red): Estádio do Dragão - Póvoa de Varzim.

  • Line C (green): Estádio do Dragão - ISMAI.

  • Line D (yellow): Hospital São Joã - Santo Ovídeo.

  • Line E (purple): Estádio do Dragão - Aeroporto.

  • Line F (orange): Fânzeres - Senhora da Hora.

Getting around Porto by funicular

Ride the funicular in Porto known as Funicular Dos Guindais! The Porto funicular is ideal if you want to reach a high point of the city. The funicular connects the Riverside with the upper part of the Batalha district (where the Cathedral of Porto is located) and is considered to be one of the most special tourist attractions of the city. For the people of Porto itself, however, it is another means of transport that they use on a daily basis to travel between the two areas. And it also has an affordable price.

Tip: if you want to contemplate one of the best views of the city, take the Funicular Dos Guindais. From here you can see the Don Luis I Bridge and also the old Fernandine walls of the city.

Getting around Porto by bus

The bus in Porto can be very useful when moving to some specific places in the city, such as, for example, Vila Nova de Gaia, since the bus leaves you right in the area where all the wineries of the city are located. One of its biggest advantages is that there are also several lines with a night schedule.

However, Porto's narrow streets, hills and traffic do not make it the most comfortable means of transport. So, it is not a means that we recommend you use in Porto unless you have no other option. 

Getting around on foot

The best way to get to know a city is by walking. The alleys of Porto, its slopes and its small corners, make Porto the perfect city to get to discover it without the need to take any transport. So, book your parking space in downtown Porto and get lost in its streets!

Is Porto Portugal worth visiting?

Yes - it is one of the most important cities in the country and one of the most popular getaway destinations. Porto is a city full of charm, and you will be able to confirm it as soon as you set foot in it.

Parking in Downtown Porto

The center of Porto is considered the junction point between the oldest and the newest areas of the city. Rua Santa Catarina is Porto's main shopping street, located between Marques de Pombal Square and Batalha Square, where you can see the Church of St. Anthony of the Congregates.

If you're not much into shopping, but your partner/colleague/family member is, in Rua Santa Catarina you can sit in many of the restaurants and terraces and rest for a while. We recommend you stop by the Café Majestic, a must-see cafe in Porto. Its marble facade, its columns and its decoration that is typical of Art nouveau, make this place an essential stop during your stay.

Parking in Baixa

La Baixa neighborhood, in the center of Porto, is one of the most touristic areas of the city, where you can experience the most typical and traditional ambience of the city. It comprises the streets surrounding the Avenida dos Aliados and the Praça da Liberdade, the most famous square in Porto and where the statue of King Pedro IV is located.

You can also visit the Sao Bento Station, the Clérigos Tower or the Bolhão Market, one of the essential visits in Porto, as it is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city and is characterized by preserving the essence of the city and its lively atmosphere.

Parking in Miragaia

Next to Ribeira, this neighborhood is one of the most popular tourist areas in the city. In this area you will find many places of interest, such as the World of Discoveries, an interactive museum and theme park. In addition, you can also visit the Port Wine Museum, the Crystal Palace or the Alfândega do Porto Congress Center, where many of Porto's events take place.

Parking near the Don Luis I Bridge

Porto's most famous bridge, the Don Luis I Bridge, which, along with the river and the colorful buildings, forms one of the most beautiful landscapes of the city.  

If you go up and walk on the top floor of the bridge (about 390 meters long), you will get to contemplate the incredible views of the Douro, the Torre dos Clerigos and the Sé Cathedral of Porto, the most important religious building of the Portuguese city. We just) hope you don't have too much vertigo ;).

Don't forget your camera, because you can't come back from your trip without taking a picture with the bridge behind you. Say selfie!

Parking in Foz Do Douro

The "Foz do Douro" has become an exclusive area of Porto. It is the exact point where the mouth of the Douro River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The tour of Foz do Douro can start at the Lighthouse of São Miguel-O-Anjo. You can continue by walking along the Rua do Passeio Alegre until you reach the Forte de São João and walk along the promenade that runs along the Avenida do Brasil.

Also, whether you visit Porto in summer or not, if you have time, we suggest you visit the beaches of Molhe, Praia dos Ingleses, Senhora da Luz, de Ourigo, Gondarem and Homem do Leme and contemplate the wonderful sunsets.

What is Porto Portugal known for?

Douro River Cruise

If you have the opportunity to take a boat in Porto on the Douro and visit the six bridges that connect the city with Vila Nova de Gaia, make sure you don't miss it.

For the cruise of the 6 bridges, the boat departs from the Arrábida Bridge, the longest bridge in the city, to the Freixo Bridge, located at the eastern end of Porto. Boats leave every half hour between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm between April and September, and until 4:00 pm between October and March. 

Wine cellars

In Vila Nova de Gaia you can visit the many wine cellars in this neighborhood. You will have a walk through the cellars where a tour guide will explain to you the history of wine, its production process and other interesting facts. And at the end of the visit, he will offer you a glass of wine. Sounds good, doesn't it? ;)

Among the best wine cellars in Porto are: Ramos Pinto Winery, Sandeman Winery, Wiese & Krohn, Ferreira Winery and Taylor's Winery.

Events in Porto

  • Festas de São João: the Festas de São João is THE FESTIVAL of Porto. The Festas de São João, in Portuguese, are celebrated for several days but the most important festival is on the night of June 23rd and usually lasts until the morning of June 24th. During the Festas de São João you can enjoy concerts, open-air dances and popular dances, as well as eating grilled sardines, green broth and drinking wine. If you have the chance to visit Porto during these festivities, do it and enjoy! As the streets tend to be very crowded, our advice is to reserve in advance a parking space in one of our parking lots in the center of Porto.

  • Fantasporto: Fantasporto is the International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto and is a film festival of the fantasy/ science fiction genre. Its first celebration was in 1980 and arose from a conversation between its three founders, at a table in the Café Luso in downtown Porto. Currently, it is the largest film festival in Portugal and one of the largest in the world. It usually lasts a week in the months of February or March and during these days, the city is filled with fantasy and science fiction. Don't waste your time looking for parking during the festival and reserve your spot before you arrive to park in the center of Porto before anyone else.

Concert hall in Porto

Casa da Música: characterized by its strange exterior design, it hosts a number of concerts and events throughout the year, ranging from classical music concerts, electronic music, street music, to educational activities and workshops. The Casa da Música Restaurant is located at the top, where you can enjoy your dinner or just a drink in one of the best terraces with great views of Porto.

Stadiums in Porto

The Estádio do Dragão ( meaning “Dragon Stadium”), is the main stadium of the Porto Football Club. The name of the stadium, in Portuguese, Estádio do Dragão, refers to the nickname given to its players, the "dragons". And, mind you, it has a capacity for more than 54,000 people (almost a quarter of the inhabitants). If you are a football fan, we recommend you to experience, at least once, the atmosphere created by the FC Porto fans inside this soccer stadium. But be careful! don't forget to book a parking space near the Dragon Stadium in advance.

Now that you know more about what to do in Porto, and where/how to park, go ahead and reserve a parking spot with Parclick! With Parclick you have the opportunity to choose from 26 car parks in the city of Porto, in which you can easily park your car during your stay. We offer many car parks to satisfy your needs, including in the city center as well as a little further away, but always at your convenience :)

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