32 Car parks found
    1. Closer

    Boavista Park

    2 min (149m)

    SABA Casa Da Musica

    Covered (2.1m)
    3 min (164m)

    APARC Península

    Covered (2m)
    3 min (206m)

    Central Park

    11 min (679m)

    Garagem Barao

    Covered (2.6m)
    12 min (747m)

    Garagem Miguel Bombarda

    19 min (1.1km)

    Parque Exterior do Estádio do Bessa

    21 min (1.3km)

    Parque do Carregal

    Covered (2.1m)
    22 min (1.3km)

    Cristal Park

    Covered (2.1m)
    23 min (1.4km)

    AutoParque Laires

    Covered (1.9m)

    SABA Palácio da Justiça

    Covered (2.1m)
    29 min (1.8km)

    SABA Praça Lisboa

    Covered (2.1m)
    30 min (1.8km)

    Parque do Marqués - Hospital Santa Maria Porto

    Covered (2.1m)
    33 min (2.0km)

    SABA Cardosas

    Covered (2.1m)
    34 min (2.0km)
    1. Cheaper

    Visconde Setúbal

    Covered (2.1m)
    35 min (2.1km)

    SABA Ribeira

    Covered (2.1m)
    37 min (2.2km)

    Garagem Dom João IV

    38 min (2.3km)

    Garagem David e Filhos Lda

    Covered (3m)
    40 min (2.4km)

    Garagem Iberia

    Covered (2.2m)
    40 min (2.4km)


    Covered (3m)
    41 min (2.4km)

Where to park in Porto

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With Parclick you have the opportunity to choose from 38 car parks in the city of Porto, where you can park your car without problems during your stay. We offer many car parks to satisfy your needs, including in the city center as well as a little further away, but always at your convenience. Don't think any longer, so that parking in Porto doesn't take away your desire to travel.

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