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    Garage Bologna 2

    Covered (2.6m)
    4 min (255m)

    Garage Tiburtina - Circonvallazione Nomentana

    Covered (2.4m)
    5 min (303m)

    Garage Tiburtina - Via Lorenzo il Magnifico

    Covered (3m)
    6 min (381m)

    Garage Piazza Bologna

    Covered (2.4m)
    8 min (453m)

    Parking delle Provincie SNC

    Covered (2.5m)
    11 min (674m)


    Covered (3m)
    13 min (793m)

    Ippocrate Parking

    Covered (3.5m)
    15 min (895m)

    Tiburtina Parking

    Covered (2.5m)
    16 min (954m)

    Il Tuo Parcheggio

    Covered (4.5m)
    27 min (1.6km)

    Park Ok - Monti Tiburtini

    27 min (1.6km)

    MUOVIAMO Parioli

    Covered (2m)
    31 min (1.8km)

    MONDIAL Macro

    Covered (2m)
    32 min (1.9km)

    MC S.R.L - Via Nemorense

    Covered (2.4m)
    33 min (2.0km)

    Frank Parking - Termini

    Covered (3.8m)
    33 min (2.0km)

    Jacoangeli Autoservizi srl

    Covered (3m)
    35 min (2.1km)

    MUOVIAMO Viale Libia

    Covered (2.7m)
    35 min (2.1km)

    Autorimessa Castro Pretorio

    Covered (3m)
    36 min (2.1km)


    Covered (2.5m)
    37 min (2.2km)
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    Pam Tiburtina

    Covered (2.3m)
    38 min (2.3km)

    Garage Termini

    Covered (3m)
    38 min (2.3km)

F.M. srl

Via Michele di Lando, 110
About the car park
Car park near the Roma Tiburtina Station, the F.M. SRL car park is just five minutes away. Along the car park, the Nomentana and Tiburtina highways pass, which makes the F.M. SRL car park easy to find if you're coming from Rome by car, especially from the SR5 Regional Highway or the A24 Motorway. From the F.M. SRL car park, you can also get to the Tiburtina station in just 10 minutes walking and see some points of interest, like the Villa Massimo, Villa Narducci, Villa Mirafiori, Villa Torlonia with its Theater and the Museum and Villa Paganini. Likewise, from the F.M. SRL car park you can get to the Piazza Bologna, where you'll find the Bologna station on metro line B. Thanks to the metro nearby, you can get to and comfortably visit all the characteristic places of the capital of Italy, including the Coliseum, Arch of Constantine, Circus Maximus, Via Cavour, Domus Aurea, Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli, Roman Forum, Palatino and the modern EUR Zone. Also, the F.M. SRL car park is the perfect option for parking close to the Roma Tiburtina station at any hour of the day. Entering and exiting is simple, since the F.M. SRL car park is open 24 hours and has complete security thanks to video surveillance throughout the whole car park. In the F.M. SRL car park, you'll also have the chance to charge your electric vehicle and visit the centre of Rome completely stress-free. Please mind you need to leave the car keys with us.Read less
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Open 24 hours a day
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Via Michele di Lando 110