MUOVIAMO Viale Libia

Viale Libia, 187
About the car park
Going to Rome in the comfort of your own car and parking without paying a fortune seems impossible, but in Parclick we have a solution for you. In the MUOVIAMO Viale Libia car park you can leave your car in safe hands during your trip to Rome. The car park is located a ten-minute walk from various interesting points that you must visit in the city, like the Villa Leopardi, the Villa Blanc, the Villa Chigi Park or the Virgiliano Park. However, if what you want is to see the centre of the city (something we recommend), the only thing you have to do is take the metro from the Libia station, which is a 1-minute walk from the car park. Once there, you can't miss the wonders that this historic centre of Rome offers: the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Basilica of San Pedro… Now you know, if you´re visiting the city for some days or spending some hours in the centre, with Parclick, you can leave your car in the MUOVIAMO Viale Libia car park and stop worrying about your car in an economic and flexible way.Read less
Car park hours
monday to saturday 06:00 - 01:00
sunday 07:00 - 11:00
18:00 - 01:00
How to enter?

During the purchasing process, select the date you plan to arrive. After making the online payment you will receive a voucher via email with you reservation code.

On the date of your reservation, enter the parking lot as usual, take a ticket at the entrance and park in any empty spot.

Once you're out of the car, approach the control booth with the Parclick voucher and the ticket you took. Our staff there will check your reservation using the reservation code, and will give you a card that will allow you multiple ins and outs.

Car park entrance

Viale Libia, 187

What our customers say
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Jean Francois


Acces tres facile, par contre lordque j'ai récupéré mon vehicule je l'ai simplement désigné du doigt sans que l'on me demande aucun papier. Aucune verification a la depose du véhicule our voir s'il est endommagé.Read less