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    Garage Tiburtina - Circonvallazione Nomentana

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    Tiburtina Parking

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    Pam Tiburtina

    Covered (2.3m)
    36 min (2.2km)

    Garage Termini

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    37 min (2.2km)

    MC S.R.L - Via Nemorense

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    Garage dei Bruzi

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    Jacoangeli Autoservizi srl

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    40 min (2.4km)

    MUOVIAMO Viale Libia

    Covered (2.7m)
    40 min (2.4km)

Garage Tiburtina - Circonvallazione Nomentana

Circonvallazione Nomentana, 530
About the car park
At this car park, you must leave your car keys with us. This car park is located outside the ZTL (limited traffic zone). Most of what you need to know about the Garage Tiburtina - Circonvallazione Nomentana car park, is in your name! In fact, it is a car park located in the Nomentana ring road, less than 300 metres from the Roma Tiburtina Station.   With easy access and great opening hours, it is a great option to park and catch a train from Rome Tiburtina, without losing time (or sleep) looking for somewhere to park nearby. If you have planned a trip, but being away from your car always puts you on edge... this time you will not have anything to worry about, since the Garage Tiburtina has permanent video surveillance service!   If, on the other hand, you're planning on visiting Rome, then you can quickly reach the historic center thanks to public transport; just in front of the car park, there are the number 62, 168 and 309 bus stops, or you can catch metro line B from the Tiburtina Station. This is perfect to reach the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Roman Forum and even the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura in just a few minutes. Don't miss out on anything in Rome and park near the Tiburtina Station ;)Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 05:30 - 00:00
How to enter?

ARRIVAL: 1) Enter the car park. 2) Park in any free space. 3) Go to the office with your Parclick reservation.

IF YOUR BOOKING ALLOWS UNLIMITED ENTRANCE AND EXIT, use the ticket the staff gave you.

Car park entrance

Circonvallazione Nomentana, 530

What our customers say
Based on 5 opinions


I had a hard time finding the parking entrance because it is not well signposted. the dimensions are modest, but the staff was kind.Read less

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