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Car parks near Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral

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Where to park in Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral

If you are planning to visit Reims Cathedral (Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral), located in the centre of the ‘Sacred City’, it is advisable to reserve a car park in Reims in advance, especially if there happens to be an event in Reims.

Reims is no doubt a city of great historic importance. Reims is also a dynamic city nowadays. Reims Cathedral, benefits from a strategic location in the city of Reims.

Thanks to Parclick, it will be very easy for you to park in the centre of Reims, just a stone's throw from the Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral. We offer several car parks right next to Reims Cathedral.


A Gothic monument listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cathédrale de Reims


Reims Cathedral. The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims is a remarkable building built between the 13th and 14th centuries. Immense, rich in statues and stained-glass windows, the cathedral is also the place where many kings of France were crowned, including Charles IX and Louis XIV. It is also where the Holy Bulb, a vial containing a sacred oil used during the baptism of Clovis himself, is kept.

The Cathedral is showcased at numerous annual events. One of them is the night-time sound and light show Rêve de Couleurs (Dream of Colours) which, every summer, covers Reims Cathedral with colourful projections highlighting its unique architecture. From May to September, Rêve de Couleurs will enchant all audiences with its magnificence.

The cathedral is also at the heart of one of the most important annual events in Reims: the Johannic Festival. On the occasion of this famous medieval festival, in June, the cathedral hosts ceremonies and shows.

In September, the Elektricity Festival offers concerts in the Cathedral Square.

In December, Notre-Dame Cathedral is just 5 minutes away from the Christmas Market in Reims, which happens to be one of the largest in France with 130 chalets every year. It is usually located on the Place Drouet d'Erlon, near which you will have a wide choice of cheap car parks.

Finally, the cathedral is an excellent starting point for visiting other events in the city centre of Reims, such as the Boom Bap Festival or the Sacres du Folklore on the Place de la République.

In short, whether you are passionate about architecture or more tempted by festive events, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is a must-see monument in Reims. Thanks to Parclick, you can now reserve your parking space in Reims, just a stone's throw from Reims Cathedral. Anticipate your stay and book your parking space in advance to avoid traffic jams and ruining your visit with parking problems. Our Reims car parks are cheap, secure and strategically located, what more could you ask for?

Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral