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Northern capital of the Roman Empire, city of the Kings of France, martyred city of the First World War, symbol of peace and reconciliation...Reims is a city with more than 2000 years of history.

Come and discover the exceptional monuments of this city, three of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Ancient Reims

The origins of the city of Reims go back a long way. The city was called Durocorter back then. It was the capital of the Rèmes - the Gallic people. After the Roman conquest, Reims was renamed Durocortorum.

Under the Emperor Augustus, Durocortorum was put in the province of Belgium and became its capital.

From this time, some ruins remain today. For example, the Porte de Mars and the Cryptoportique gallo-romain de la Place du Forum.

The Porte de Mars is the last of the four monumental gateways allowing access to the ancient city still visible today. It is dedicated to Mars, the god of war, and oriented towards Belgium.

The Cryptoportique gallo-romain, located under Place du Forum, was built around the year 200. It consisted of three galleries and was used for grain storage. Today one of these galleries has been reopened and can be visited.

Discover the Gallo-Roman ruins of Reims!

To discover the last Gallo-Roman monuments of the city of Reims, it is best to park your car in a car park near the city centre of Reims.

We particularly advise you to reserve your parking space in the CPA Hôtel-de-Ville car park. This cheap car park is located close to the Forum Square and the Cryptoportique gallo-romain and five minutes from the Porte de Mars.

Reims in medieval times and Renaissance

Reims flourished in the Middle Ages by selling its textile products in the southern Champagne fairs and trading with the Hanseatic League. The rise of champagne wines under Louis XIV also contributed to the flourishing.

Hot spot of medieval Christianity following the baptism of Clovis on Christmas Day 498, Reims became the "city of the coronations". In total, 33 kings of France are sacred in the city of Reims. In Reims, there are some outstanding buildings from these periods, three of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Saint-Remi Basilica was for a long time attached to the important Saint-Remi abbey of Reims. Built in the eleventh century in a Romanesque style and partly remodelled in a Gothic style. It is one of the most impressive Romanesque achievements of the North of France. The Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, built between the 12th and 14th centuries, is one of the jewels of Gothic art in France. It is in it that there are 32 sacred kings of France. The Palais du Tau, built in the 5th century and remodelled many times between the 9th and 17th centuries, was the residence of the bishops and archbishops of Reims. The palace, now visible in a classical style from the late seventeenth century, houses the Musée de l’œuvre de Notre-Dame. The treasure of the cathedral and part of the original statuary of the church are on display.

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Reims! To discover the sites of the city of Reims inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage, it is better to park your car in the city centre of Reims or halfway to the Cathedral and the Basilica of St. Remi which is a little eccentric. We particularly recommend CPA Cathédrale and CPA Gambetta car parks. The CPA Cathédrale car park is a few steps from the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral. The CPA Gambetta car park is located between the Cathedral and Saint-Remi Basilica.

Art Deco in Reims

More than 60% was destroyed during the Great War, Reims experienced an intense phase of reconstruction during the 1920s.

Thanks to the generosity of many American fortunes, Reims rebuilt quickly and became a real architectural laboratory. The city offers an important panorama of the main architectural movements of the inter-war period.

Art deco stands out in particular and today Reims is the most representative city in France.

Among the most significant buildings of Art Deco style in Reims, we find the Carnegie Library, the Church of St. Nicaise, the Opera House (for its interior decoration), the Villa Douce and the department stores of Reims.

If you want to know more about the Art Deco style in Reims, know that the Tourist Office has developed a very enriching guided tour on the subject!

Discover the main Art Deco monuments of Reims!

To discover the main buildings and Art Deco monuments of the city of Reims, it is best to park your car in a car park located in the city centre of Reims.

We particularly recommend the CPA Cathédrale, CPA Hôtel-de-Ville and CPA Buirette car parks, which are three cheap car parks in the heart of Reims.

The CPA Cathédrale car park is a short walk from the Reims Tourist Office and the Reims Opera House. It is also a short two-minute walk from the incredible Carnegie Library.

The CPA Hôtel-de-Ville car park is right next to the Jean-Baptiste Langlet course, which has many Art Deco buildings. After parking, you can walk quietly in the city centre of Reims to reach the Villa Douce which is five minutes from the parking lot.

The CPA Buirette car park is particularly recommended if you want to stroll through the shops while discovering the architectural richness of the city of Reims.

Reims and the tourism of memory

Reims, martyr of the First World War, with more than 60% destroyed, still retains the traces of this painful episode of our history.

Not very affected by the Second World War, Reims welcomed the headquarters of Eisenhower. The city was the first witness of the German surrender, since it was in Reims that it was signed on May 7, 1945, before being ratified the next day in Berlin.

Guided tours in Reims

Come commemorate the centenary of the Great War in a territory marked by the violence of conflict.

The Tourist Office of Reims, in partnership with the great champagne houses, invites you to browse the cellars of champagne in search of traces of the First World War.

Between 1914 and 1918, Reims was bombed daily. The population then found refuge in the champagne cellars. An underground life began. A city under the city was created.

A guide-lecturer testifies the graffiti and engravings left by those who lived there...

"Reims, 14-18 in view of the cellars" is a guided tour by bus, available from May to November, from the Tourist Office. For more peace of mind, we advise you to reserve your parking space at the CPA Cathédrale car park before your guided tour.

Places of Remembrance in Reims

Follow in the footsteps of the remains of the war, visit the museums and gather in front of the war memorials of the city of Reims...

To visit the different places of remembrance of the city of Reims, it is best to book your place in the car parks CPA Erlon and CPA Buirette.

The CPA Erlon car park is recommended if you want to visit the War Memorial, Place de la République, or the Martyrs of the Resistance and Deportation Monument, located in the High Promenades. These two monuments are just five minutes from the car park.

The Museum of Surrender is also very close to the CPA Erlon car park (roughly seven minutes walk). You will discover there, preserved in its state of 1945, the room where the German capitulation was signed on May 7, 1945.

The CPA Buirette car park is indicated to you if you want to gather in the Square of the Victims of the Gestapo. It is only two minutes from the car park.

Reims, its champagne

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the most prestigious wines; discover the champagne vineyard and the cellars of the great houses that make it famous.

Miles of cellars run under the city of Reims! They are home to thousands of bottles of champagne...Go behind the scenes of champagne houses in the city of Reims and discover their spectacular cellars!

Discovery of the champagne vineyard

Discover the champagne vineyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for a day and meet a small producer for a visit to its cellars and for a tasting...

The circuit "Découverte du vignoble" takes you on a scenic bus trip in the heart of the Champagne vineyard. Numerous photo stops in the vineyards and the visit of a typically Champagne village are also on the programme.

Boarding from April to October, from the Tourist Office of Reims!

Before setting out to discover the vineyards of Champagne, we advise you to reserve your place in a cheap car park in the centre of Reims. The CPA Cathédrale car park, for example, is only two minutes away from the Tourist Office. Enjoy!

Visit champagne cellars in Reims

The big champagne houses are famous for champagne wines all over the world.

Push the door of the most prestigious of them and come to discover them the time of a visit and a tasting...

If you wish to visit the cellars of the champagne houses Charles de Cazanove, G.H. Mumm or Lanson, we advise you to park at the CPA Erlon car park.

This cheap car park, a stone's throw from the Reims Centre train station, is just a five-minute walk from Charles de Cazanove House. To visit the cellars of the Lanson and G.H. Mumm houses, you will have to use the tramway from the station Gare Centre. Get off at the Courlancy stop to reach the Lanson house or Boulingrin stop for a visit to the cellars of the house G.H. Mumm.

If you prefer to visit the cellars of the G.H Martel or Taittinger houses, the CPA Gambetta car park is more suitable for you.

This cheap car park is located halfway between Reims Cathedral and St. Remi Basilica, a ten-minute walk from the cellars of the houses G.H Martel and Taittinger.

Once you are there, you can also continue your visit by heading to the Vranken-Pommery and Villa Demoiselle houses, which are two minutes walk from the Taittinger house.

The CPA Gambetta car park is therefore ideal if you wish to deepen your knowledge on champagne!

Major events in Reims

Christmas in Reims

Come and experience the magic of Christmas in Reims, from November 20th to December 27th! Every year, Reims welcomes the third Christmas market in France! The 135 chalets of the Christmas Village, located at Place d'Erlon, offer a multitude of gastronomic, artisanal and festive products. Young and old alike will be happy to discover the Kingdom of Children, on the Place du Forum, or the Christmas Fair and kings, the great fun fair of the High Walks! After a thorough visit to the Christmas Village, stroll through the forecourt of the Cathedral, in the heart of the Village des Artisans, before marvelling at the sumptuous show "Dream of Colors", which illuminates the Cathedral of Reims! Be aware that you can also enjoy a 400m2 ice rink installed in Colbert Square and that a free Little Train runs from site to site. You spend a few days in Reims to enjoy the sparkle of Christmas magic in this extraordinary setting? So do not hesitate to book your parking space in advance! You will avoid driving around to find a parking spot and it will not cost you more! We particularly advise you to reserve your place in a car park in the city centre of Reims. The CPA Hôtel-de-Ville, CPA Cathédrale and CPA Erlon car parks are then particularly indicated.

Festivals in Reims

Johannic feasts

Reims goes back on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2018 and revives the Middle Ages for a weekend! Échoppes, falconers, medieval inn, chivalry tournaments and many other activities are to be discovered between the forecourt of the Cathedral of Reims and the Place du Forum. On Sunday afternoon, the arrival of Jeanne and her escort at the Cathedral is celebrated by a great concert of medieval music! To make the most of the Johannic Festivities, we advise you to reserve your parking space in advance, in the CPA Cathédrale car park, located just two minutes from the square of the Reims Cathedral.

Sports events in Reims

Historic Monte Carlo Rally

Many collectors leave Reims for Monaco. Come rediscover their legendary cars on January 25th-28th, 2018! And to better enjoy this day, park at the CPA Hôtel-de-Ville car park, it is just two minutes from the Place du Forum where the departure will take place!

Marathon "Run in Reims"

Every year, in October, more than 16,000 runners come together in Reims for a marathon with the best performances in France. The 2018 edition will take place on October 21st. A half marathon and a 10 km will also take place on the same date. If you want to encourage the runners at the beginning, we suggest you to park a few minutes from the rue de Libergier, where the runners will leave. The CPA Cathédrale car park is just a few steps from the starting point of the Reims marathon. If you prefer to park next to the finish to congratulate the runners, reserve your parking space at the CPA Erlon car park. This cheap car park is just two steps from the finish line of the Reims marathon!

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