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Car parks near The Place de la Victoire

3 Car parks found
  • URBIS PARK Meunier (INDIGO) - Gare Saint Jean
    1. Closer
    2. Cheaper

    URBIS PARK Meunier (INDIGO) - Gare Saint Jean

    Covered (1.9m)
    12 min (747m)
    Price for 1 hour
  • Salinières URBIS PARK (INDIGO)

    Salinières URBIS PARK (INDIGO)

    Covered (2.6m)
    13 min (788m)
    Price for 1 hour
  • INDIGO Camille Jullian

    INDIGO Camille Jullian

    Covered (1.9m)
    14 min (863m)
    ContactlessContactless access

Where to park in The Place de la Victoire

Place de la Victoire is one of the most famous squares in Bordeaux. It is the starting point for the rue Sainte-Catherine and the Bordeaux pedestrian zone. There is a building of the University of Bordeaux and many shops, bars and restaurants in the surrounding area.

However, it is difficult to park in the surrounding area - and generally speaking, in the city centre of Bordeaux. Parking regulations are very strict: it is forbidden to leave your car in the same space for more than two hours. Unless you own a garage, Parclick strongly advises you to reserve your parking space in Bordeaux: you won't waste time looking for a parking space. With Parclick, it's very simple: not only can you reserve a space in the car park of your choice in just a few clicks, but you'll also benefit from reduced rates that will allow you to enjoy Bordeaux at a lower cost.

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Located south of Bordeaux city centre, Place de la Victoire is particularly popular with Bordeaux residents. It is a strategic point of intersection between many important roads: the Cours Aristide Briand, the Cours de la Marne, the Cours de l'Argonne, the Cours de la Somme, the Cours Pasteur and, finally, the Rue Sainte-Catherine.

Tram B also passes through the Cours de l'Argonne and the Cours Pasteur and even stops at Place de la Victoire. This is the perfect place to get to rue Sainte-Catherine, reputed to be one of the largest pedestrian streets not only in Bordeaux but also in Europe.

In the centre of the square are the Porte d'Aquitaine and an obelisk designed by the Czech Ivan Theimer; the latter is even the source of two bronze turtles in the centre of the square. There is also a magnificent neo-classical building belonging to the University of Bordeaux.

Its location, its excellent tram and bus connections make Place de la Victoire one of the best served squares in the city. It is also one of the best places to meet in the early evening.

All these advantages make the square an expensive and inconvenient parking area. However, Parclick can help you. The Salinières and André Meunier car parks are particularly well located: they will help you avoid traffic jams around Place de la Victoire!

The Place de la Victoire