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    EMT Avenida de Portugal

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EMT Avenida de Portugal Car Park

Avda. de Portugal, 51, Madrid
About the car park
To access this car park in Puerta del Ángel without going through the tunnel, you have to take Saavedra Fajardo Street to Avenida Portugal. The Casa de Campo car park is perfect if you're looking to park here. It's parallel to the Paseo de Extremadura, so it's easy to get to from the Autovía de Extremadura (A-5). But please be aware that due to the various entrances, you must enter through an entrance, which says "Parking Público" and not "Residentes". Just a couple of metres away, you'll find the Madrid Río park, the Puerta del Ángel and the famous Madrid Arena. If you're going to an event at the Arena, what are you waiting for to book your parking space? Book now to find the car park that suits you, not just one where there's a free space. Even though this car park is a little bit in the outskirts of Madrid, you have don't have to worry about being out of the loop! The Puerta del Ángel (line 6) metro station is really close, so you'll be able to get to the centre of the capital without any trouble. The EMT Avenida de Portugal car park isn't the middle of nowhere! Super close to this car park are two venues, where Madrid celebrates some of its most important events - the Sala Riviera and the Madrid Arena. Concerts and parties all take place there, and you cannot miss out on seeing the Marcha Madrileña. Plus on the other side of the Manzanares river, you'll be able to go the Jardines del Campo del Moro, THE Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace.Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
How to enter?


Approach the barrier, the code reader will read your license plate and issue a ticket with your booking details and a QR code. Keep this ticket until the end of your stay. You will need it to enter and exit the car park.

If the license plate is not correctly recognized, bring the QR code on the Parclick reservation to the barrier gate code reader to issue your reservation ticket that will allow you to enter and exit the car park.


Go to the exit and put the QR code shown on your booking ticket close to the reader. The barrier will open.

To access the car park again, move the QR code on your booking ticket closer to the barrier gate reader.


At the exit of the car park put the QR code on your booking ticket close to the reader. The barrier will open. If your time has been exceeded you must go to the cash dispenser and scan the code to validate it in order to pay the excess at the regular rate.

Car park entrance

Avda. de Portugal, 51

Avenida de Portugal, 85

Pedestrian entrances

Avenida de Portugal, 127

Avenida de Portugal 133

Avenida de Portugal 141

Avenida de Portugal 155

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