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Saint-Charles Train Station

Are you picking up a relative arriving at Marseille's Gare Saint-Charles station and dread having to park your car? Do you have to leave on a trip but don't know where to park so you don't have to worry while you're away? We have the answer to all your worries! Don't hesitate and book your parking space online now in the Indigo Marseille Sainte-Barbe car park thanks to Parclick! Your vehicle will be in a secure car park and you can leave with peace of mind and you won't have to turn around to find a space!

The city of Marseille is an important crossing point for all those leaving on a cruise or ferry to Corsica or even Africa from the Joliette basin, and one of the most important points to get to the city is the Gare Saint-Charles Marseille. This French railway station is the most important in the city of Marseille and its suburbs. It is an important crossing point for all tourists who come to enjoy the south of France. The Gare Saint-Charles de Marseille was built in 1848 by the engineer Gustave Desplaces, with a very particular dead-end shape.

Are you leaving for a few days? Park your car in the Indigo Marseille Sainte-Barbe car park and walk back to Gare Saint-Charles in 10 minutes. If you get a little hungry before your departure time arrives, the Gare Saint-Charles Marseille offers you different choices of restaurants that you can choose according to your desires, such as the Caffe San Carlo, the Dakao, or for something quicker take a trip to the Mcdonald's at the station or for a coffee and a treat go to Starbucks. If you ever need to do some simple last-minute shopping, the Monop'Daily will help you out.

For all travellers who prefer to arrive early, Gare Saint-Charles de Marseille has a number of shops if you have a short shopping spree. If you wish to buy some reading material for your trip, you will find many Relay shops, and if you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to visit the Fnac at Gare Saint-Charles de Marseille. A last-minute gift to give? You will surely find something in the Parfois or Hema shops!

Near Gare Saint-Charles you will find the University of Aix-Marseille for all the students who make the round trip every day. You can also take advantage of the famous Staircase of the Gare Saint-Charles on the Place des Marseillais.

If your child has to travel without you, don't worry! Park your car in the Indigo Marseille Sainte-Barbe car park and drop your child off at the Gare Saint-Charles de Marseille's Jeune Voyageur reception desk. The station also has a Disabled Traveller's Assistance service if necessary.

Don't wait any longer and book your space online now in the Indigo Marseille Sainte-Barbe car park near Gare Saint-Charles de Marseille and leave with peace of mind!

Points of interest near Saint-Charles Train Station in Marseille

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