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Where to park in Brussels Midi

Brussels Midi Station is located in the municipality of Anderlecht, in the southern part of the city. This area is densely populated, which means it can be challenging to find parking. However, there are several parking options in the vicinity of the station.

If you're traveling from Brussels Midi Station, you probably know how difficult it can be to find parking nearby. The surrounding streets are often crowded, and public parking lots can be expensive and full due to the station's popularity. In this article, we'll look at the different parking options available in the Brussels Midi Station area, including parking rates, prices of parking lots, and affordable parking solutions.

Parking options in the Brussels Midi Station area

There are several parking options in the Brussels Midi Station area. The most common parking options are public parking lots, but it's important to know that public parking rates are often high and can vary significantly depending on the duration of your parking. Here's an example of the parking rates at a public parking lot around Brussels Midi Station:

Parking Gare du Midi (SNCB): €2.40 for 30 minutes, €4.80 for 1 hour, €11.40 for 3 hours, €20.20 for 6 hours, €25.20 for 9 hours, and €31.20 for 12 hours.

It's also possible to find cheaper parking lots in the Brussels Midi Station area. These discounted parking lots are often within walking distance of the station but can offer attractive prices for budget-conscious travelers. The prices of private parking lots also vary depending on the proximity to the station, the duration of your parking, and the type of parking spot you choose.

Parking reservations with Parclick

Making a parking reservation at Brussels Midi Station with Parclick is a simple and convenient way to secure a parking spot at an advantageous price. With Parclick, you can book your parking spot online before arriving at the station, saving you time and money searching for parking in a dense and busy area.

To reserve your parking spot with Parclick, just follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the dates and times of your arrival and departure at Brussels Midi Station.
  • Choose the parking lot that best suits your needs in terms of rates, location, and type of parking spot (indoor, outdoor, covered, uncovered).
  • Enter your details and make the secure online payment.
  • Once you've made your parking reservation with Parclick, you'll receive a confirmation of your reservation by email, along with a QR code or confirmation code to access the parking lot. You can also modify or cancel your reservation at any time before your arrival at the station.

There are many advantages to reserving your parking spot with Parclick. In addition to saving time and money searching for parking, you can be sure that you have a guaranteed parking spot upon arrival. You can also save money by booking in advance, as Parclick's parking rates are often cheaper than public parking rates.


If you're planning to travel from Brussels Midi Station, finding parking can be stressful and costly. Public parking lots are often full, and parking rates can vary significantly depending on the duration of your parking. Fortunately, there are affordable and convenient parking solutions in the station area. With Parclick, you can reserve your parking spot online in advance, saving you time and money while ensuring a parking spot upon arrival. Feel free to use Parclick to make your journey from Brussels Midi Station more enjoyable and stress-free.


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