Car parks near Brussels

2 Car parks found
    INDIGO Brussel Royal
    1. Closer

    INDIGO Brussel Royal

    17 min (999m)
    Contactless access
    Europarking Godecharle - Parlement européen
    1. Cheaper

    Europarking Godecharle - Parlement européen

    38 min (2.3km)
    Price for 4 hours

Where to park in Brussels

Are you heading to Brussels by car, and are worried about safe places to leave your car while you are out exploring the city? No need to worry...Parclick is here to help! Parclick offers you different types of car parks you can choose from when visiting Brussels. Parking Europarking Godecharle-Parlement Europeen is a 4 hour car park that charges only 16 euro! Alternatively, you can also choose to park at INDIGO Bruseel Royal for a minimum of 4 hours as well.

Parking Europarking Godecharle-Parlement Europeen is a moitored car park, next to the Brussels-Luxembourg train station, so you can leave your vheicle securely parked while you catch your train. This car park is open 24 hours a day and check in hours are Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00. In order to enter the car park, you should give them a call 30 minutes prior to your arirval. In order to open the barrier, show your Parclick reservation to the staff at the entrance. The car park staff will park your vehicle for you. If you have the unlimited pass, you'll be able to exit and enter as many times as you want within the 4 hours. The car park entrance is Godecharlestraat,12/14.

INDIGO Bruseel Royal operates 24 hours a day! This is perfect for anyone who might be coming into town at early hours of the morning or late at night. To enter the parking garage, you will present yourself at the entrance, where your iscence plates will be automatically scanned and recognized. The barrier will open without any action on your part. In case of any malfunction, you can contact our remote assistance through the intercom. It is important to note that you will be able to access the car park up to one hour before your time of booking. If you try to access it out of this one hour time frame, the barrier will not open.

Brussels is known for its great public transport; you can find busses, trams, metros and even use some of the cities bikes to go to and from places. 

  • Bus: Several bus companies operate in Brussels STIB/MVIB run downtown, while De Lijn and Tec cover the suburbs. Tickets for all of these buses can be purchased from the drivers.
  • Trams: STIB/MIVB lines run through the capital. You can find tram stops by identifying tram signs and shelters alongside the tracks. You can also purchase tickets from the driver and make sure that when you are near your destination to press the "stop" button, because sometimes the trams can keep going for a while before they stop.
  • Metros: The metro is the fastest way to get around Brussels. The gret thing about the metro is that trains are frequent and mostly always on time. You can buy your metro ticket at the stations kiosk or you can also tap with contactless payment. You scan when you enter and leave and it will charge you according to how long your jorney was.
  • Grand Place: It is a must to visit Grand Place if you ever find yourself in Brussels. It is one of Europe's most beautiful squares surrounded by tall gothic guildhalls and you can also find Brussels Town Hall. This is a great place for pictures.
  • Musee des Beaux-Arts d'Ixelles: A great and authentic museum to visit if you are ever in Brussels. This museum has not had any rennovations in several dicennia. It houses a great collection of paintings of asrtists such as Magritte, Bogart, Gustave and Permeke.
  • Parc Du Cinquantenaire: This park has been around since the reign of Leopold II. This is a great park to go and have a nice picnic or just go to take some sun.
  • Belgian Beer Crawl: If you are of age, you shouls try and sign up for a beer crawl. Belgium and beer go hand in hand, so trying out some famous beers is a great 'Belgium' thing to do!

The great thing about Brussels is that its geographically located in the center of Belgium! This means that its surrounded by other countries such as France, Luxembourg, Germnany and the Netherlands. From Brussels you can take a train to all of these countries and enjoy a day trip or even a weekend trip! For train tickets, you can always check the Omio app and see the prices and dates that suit you the best. With so many things to do and countries to visit, you will neve find yourslef bored in Brussels!

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