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    WeParc Valet - Amsterdam Centraal Station CS

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    WeParc - Beurs van Berlage

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    WeParc Valet - Rembrandtplein

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    Keizersgracht 481- 485

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    WeParc Valet - Hermitage Hotel Amsterdam City

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    WeParc Valet - Marnixstraat

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    WeParc Valet - Leidseplein

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    35 min (2.1km)

WeParc Valet - Amsterdam Centraal Station CS

Stationsplein, 53
About the car park
So you're going to Amsterdam? Have you already figured out where to park your car? Well, it’d be wise to do so now. Amsterdam is generally quite busy and finding a parking space near your destination isn’t always easy. Fortunately, at Parclick we are happy to help you. We Parc Amsterdam offers a valet service at the Central Station. Do you still know what a valet service is? Well, how about a mini refresher course ;) After booking this service, you will drive to number 36 Stationsplein. There you’ll meet a We Parc member of staff, ready to transport your car to a car park outside the city centre. Simple as that. Then an employee will return your car at the agreed time at the same place. The location just couldn’t be better. You start at the main train station. Even the central station in itself is a work of art. The old building radiates character and Dutch pride! From the central station, you will have all the options available. It is advisable to have an OV Chip Card with you. If you are more adventurous, you can also rent a bike! Let´s be honest…the ultimate Dutch experience would be to ride through the canals on a bike! Once walking towards the centre, you will notice that there are many trams running. There are also many tour boats ready to sail down the canals of Amsterdam! In advance, always check the internet for any discount cards or packages that can combine your point of interests. Museums and tours often cost quite a bit, so a combination deal could save you some money.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 07:30 - 22:30
How to enter?

This is a valet service car park. ON THE DAY OF YOUR ARRIVAL:

1. One hour before you arrive at the meeting point, you'll receive an email message with the driver's details who will pick your car up. As well as a code, which you'll have to show to the driver, both when you leave your car, as well as when you want to pick it back up again.

2. A professional driver in a WeParc uniform will be waiting for you at the meeting point to pick your car up and park it in a monitored nearby car park. Make sure you take your Parclick reservation and email code with you.

3. To guarantee a quality service, when you hand over your car the driver will ask for the email code that you'll have been sent. After having taken your car, they will inspect it and take photos.


1. When your reservation ends, WeParc staff will deliver your vehicle to you at the same point where it was picked up. If you want to speed up the process for when you come back, call the phone that you will find in your reservation at least 2 hours before your car is due to be returned to you. You can also change the point of return of the vehicle by calling the driver well in advance.

2. To ensure that it is in fact your car that is being returned to you, show the driver the email code that was sent to you when you dropped it off.

3. Please note that the driver can wait for you at the meeting point at the agreed time for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Car park entrance

Stationsplein 53

What our customers say
Based on 2 opinions

Ce n'était pas un parking mais un lieu de rendez-vous non signalé. Le voiturier avait 8 min de retard pour prendre la voiture. Notre demande d'avancer d'1 h le r-v de retour, enregistrée par téléphone, n'a pas été respectée. Très déçu.Read less

Le voiturié a pris en charge la voiture a l'heure et nous l'a restituer a l'heure par contre comme s'étais une première, un peu en stres quand même (toujours dans l'idée de ne pas récupérer sa voiture lol) serai cool de savoir où est stationner la voitureRead less

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