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Blue Valet - Estación de Atocha - Descubierto

Estación de Atocha, Madrid
About the car park
HOW IT WORKS: This is a valet parking service. Drive to the pick-up point at the address indicated on your booking and the valet parking staff will collect your vehicle and take it to a guarded car park, where it will remain until you ask for it to be returned. And remember! This is just the meeting point with the driver who will pick up your vehicle :) If you're one of those people who think that nothing's perfect, be careful! With this car park, parking near the Atocha station is the closest thing to perfection. With the Blue Valet car park, you can say goodbye to searching for a spot at the last minute and dragging your suitcases behind you. Sound like magic? ;) With this car park with valet service, you can simply call 15 minutes before your arrival at the number you received by SMS. Your specific driver will be waiting in the pick-up/drop-off area at the entrance of the Atocha Ave station. He will be in charge of taking your car to an uncovered car park near the station. Also, you can request a car washing service if you wish. Your car will look wonderful! Upon your return, you'll receive another message so that you can request the pick-up of your vehicle before arriving at the station. This way, you can find your car at the same meeting point. You'll return home with the peace of mind you need after your trip. ;) With this car park near Atocha, the benefits are clear. Book your spot today at the "Blue Valet - Estación de Atocha - Descubierto" car park. Don't miss out! At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff.Read less
Car park hours
monday to sunday 05:00 - 23:00
How to enter?

This car park has the following safety measures for COVID-19:

Staff with masks

Staff with gloves

Vehicle cleaning

Car park entrance

Estación de Atocha, Madrid

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