Cea Bermúdez 36

Calle de Cea Bermúdez, 36
About the car park
The Cea Bermúdez 36 is a car park in Madrid, specifically in the Islas Filipinas and close to the Jiménez Díaz University Hospital Foundation. If you're going to see a concert, this car park is also near the Sala Galileo Galilei, just around the corner... literally! As we mentioned, this car park is very nicely located if you need to go to the hospital, since it's close to the Jiménez Díaz Hospital and the San Carlos Clinic Hospital, just a 10-minute walk away. On the other hand, you can park near Bravo Murillo street, where it meets the Canal metro. Going down this street, you'll find the Verdi Theatre, if you're interested in emerging yourself in history. Or on Cea Bermúdez street (like the car park), there's the Canal Theatre. ;) To go out for a drink, this car park is close to Moncloa. If you prefer to park in downtown Madrid, but you don't want to enter Madrid Central, you can use this car park in Madrid outside the limited traffic zone. By parking here, you'll be in downtown Madrid within 20 minutes. ;) Book the Cea Bermúdez 36 car park today. :) At this car park, you must leave your car keys with the staff.Read less
Car park hours
monday to friday 08:00 - 00:00
saturday closed
sunday closed
How to enter?

ARRIVAL: enter the car park. Follow the staff's instructions. Go to the office with your Parclick reservation.

DEPARTURE: go to the office with your Parclick reservation.

Car park entrance

Cea Bermúdez, 36

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