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    Hotel Crowne Plaza - P&R - Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas

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    Hotel Crowne Plaza-Madrid Airport

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    PN Naranja - Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas - P&R


    Parking Barajas T1-T2-T3-T4


    WIFI PARK - P&R - Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas


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    LOMCAR - Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas - cubierto

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    AENA Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas - VIP T1

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    DRIVERCAR Valet - Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas

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    Blue Valet - Aeropuerto de Barajas - Descubierto


    Apark Estándar - Valet - Aeropuerto de Madrid - Cubierto

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    Parkingcar - Valet - Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas - Descubierto


    ViParking - Valet - Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas - Cubierto

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    AENA Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas - General P1

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    Aparcamadrid Valet Premium - Aeropuerto Barajas

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    AENA Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas - Bajo Coste T1-T2-T3

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    llollo - Valet - Aeropuerto de Madrid

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    Parking10 - Valet - Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas

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    Apark Preference - Valet - Aeropuerto de Madrid - Cubierto

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    Apark Premium - Valet - Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas - Cubierto

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Hotel Crowne Plaza - P&R - Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas

Calle de Lola Flores, 1, 28022. Madrid, España.
About the car park
Are you one of those who travel without planning a thing or do you prefer to organise everything before your trip? Whether you are adventurous or organised, Parclick brings you the best option to leave the vehicle while you enjoy your stay outside Madrid. The car park of the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Q&A - Madrid-Barajas Airport will become your best ally to leave your vehicle safe with total flexibility and comfort. The Crowne Plaza Hotel - P&R - Madrid-Barajas Airport car park meets all your requirements: not only does it have the facility to take you to any of the terminals at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, but you will also have the greatest parking flexibility as it offers a 24-hour service, 365 days a year. Say goodbye to stress and enjoy this opportunity for any time of the year, whatever your excuse to travel ;) You are probably wondering... how is it possible that the car park can transport you to any finish at any time of the day and any day of the year? very simple! This car park has an excellent shuttle service that makes it possible for you to arrive at the airport terminals in just 15 minutes. This comfort is at your disposal both for your departure and your return, because on your return the shuttle will be waiting for you in the arrivals area of the terminal where you arrive, to take you back in a few minutes with your vehicle. The parking Crowne Plaza Hotel - Q&A - Madrid-Barajas Airport will be attentive to your arrival, without you even having to bother to call! What do you think? Can there be anything better and so comfortable? Easier and faster, impossible! Give yourself the pleasure of not worrying and disconnecting during your trip, as your vehicle will be watched over 24 hours a day by the best professionals. The staff will validate your reservation at the hotel reception so that you don't lose a minute. Let Parclick take care of everything for you! Wherever you are coming or going to the terminals at Madrid-Barajas airport, the Crowne Plaza Hotel - P&R - Madrid-Barajas Airport car park is the solution you have been looking for: efficiency, speed, comfort and, of course, peace of mind and security. Don't think twice, think about your next getaway and don't miss out on the Parclick experience.Read less
Car park hours
Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle service

From 07:00 to 21:30. Each 60 minutes.

Approximate time to terminals:

T115 min
T215 min
T415 min
How to get there?
How to enter?
Before your journey

ARRIVAL: Enter the car park. TO OPEN THE BARRIER: Take a ticket. Park in any free space. Go to the hotel reception with your Parclick reservation. After validating your reservation, you will leave on the next shuttle.

Park your car and go to the customer service office to validate your booking.

Location of the customer service booth: On the hotel ground floor.

After your journey

Once you've collected your luggage, go to the corresponding bus stop.

Terminal: T1

Terminal: T2

Terminal: T4

The shuttle will drop you off at the terminal BUS HOTELES bus stop

Additional information

This car park has the following preventive measures against COVID-19: - Mandatory use of mask and hand sanitiser - Staff protected by mask and gloves - Reduction of people transferred in the shuttle to 50%

Extra services (not included in the price)

If your stay exceeds the time indicated in your booking, go to the hotel reception to pay the difference in cash or by card.

Car park entrance

Calle de Lola Flores 1