Car parks near Valencian Fallas 2020

If you are thinking of visiting the Valencian Fallas this year, don´t forget about the parking situation in the city and the traffic that is generated during these festival days. In the first place, the historic center of Valencia is completely blocked to all vehicle traffic, leaving the center as a zone for pedestrians. If you are going to Valencia from March 15th, travelling around the center of Valencia can be almost impossible. By clicking on the previous link, you can see all the car parks closest to the historic center of Valencia and to the North Station.

If your plan is to visit the Fallas of Valencia for only a few days, take a glance at our car park directory to stop worrying about your vehicle. Once there, the best option is to move throughout Valencia by using public transportation during the celebrations. A perfect area to park your car during the Fallas is close to the Polytechnic University of Valencia. From here, you can easily access public transportation to the city. In this map, you can see the different possibilities of parking in near the University. The Avenida Hermanos Maristas is also a great place to find parking during the Fallas. Another possibility to park in Valencia is to choose a parking space close to Avenida Tres Forques. From this area, it is pretty easy to access the historic center by taxi or public transportation and your car will be well-cared for!

Fallas of Valencia 2020

Itinerary and events during the Fallas

The 2020 Fallas of Valencia is celebrated in different points of the city from the 15th until the 19th of March. The gun shot that signifies the beginning of the event will be fired on February 24th, in a celebration known as the “Crida.” This event will take place in the Serranos Towers and marks the official start of the Fallas. After the “Crida,” the mascletás festivities happen each day from the 1st fo March to March 19th, transforming the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with explosions of noise and gunpowder every day at 02:00PM. It is normal to celebrate the mascletás at night and at the beach. The Valencian streets remain illuminated with colors and ideal details. In fact, some of these streets compete for the annual prize for the best illumination.

The “Planta” of the Valencian Falles takes place March 15th for the young fallas and the 16th for the older crowds. Until March 19th when the “Crema” is produced, it is possible to visit all these artistic works made of plasterboard. Our advice is that to enjoy your visit calmly and to avoid the crowds, you should go early in the morning. The rest of the day, people go to the Valencian streets to have fun and enjoy themselves in the different events that are celebrated. “La Nit del Foc,” one of our favorites, is the last castle that takes place on the 18th and 19th, resulting in a must-see spectacle. Obviously, the end of the celebration comes with the “Crema,” that will be on March 19th. The small Fallas burn around 10:00 PM and the larger ones start the fire show at approximately midnight.

During the Fallas, everyone in Valencia goes on the streets to experience the parties filled with illusion and fun. For this motive, leaving your car parked during the festival days in the city is a good idea. Parclick puts a great offer of parking spaces at your disposal so that you can enjoy the Valencian celebrations without worrying about traffic or the security of your car. You can reserve a parking spot in Valencia with Parclick to avoid any complications during the celebrations.  

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